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Credit: Don Erhardt/UBC

UBC expands tech training with investment from province

An investment from the Province of British Columbia will create 624 undergraduate spaces for domestic students at UBC’s Vancouver campus.

Blaming foreigners for housing crisis

CBC quoted UBC sociology professor Nathan Lauster in a story about foreign investment in real estate. Lauster said “It’s a really problematic narrative to blame foreigners for all of our […]

Partner’s scent eases women’s response to stress

Reuters reported on UBC research showing that smelling a partner’s scent might help reduce anxiety during a stressful time. “Many people wear their partner’s shirt or sleep on their partner’s […]

Vancouver meeting focuses on sanctions as Koreas explore detente

Reuters (also in Business Insider UK and CNBC) reported on a meeting of foreign ministers and senior officials from 20 nations scheduled for Tuesday in Vancouver. The story highlighted a […]

Improving workplace culture, one review at a time

Jennifer Berdahl, a UBC professor who studies workplace sexual harassment, was interviewed for a New Yorker article on the jobs site Glassdoor, which provides pay scale information as well as […]

The reality of North Korea as a nuclear power

A New Straits Times story highlighted North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and quoted, among others, M.V. Ramana, the Simons chair in disarmament, global and human security at UBC’s school of public […]

Thousands protest Austria’s new right-wing government

UBC political science professor Kurt Huebner spoke with CTV News (segment starts at 0:33) about Austrians protesting their country’s new right-wing government. He said protesters of the right-wing government are motivated […]

4 in 10 people are $200 away from not being able to pay the bills

Global reported on the MNP Consumer Debt Index, a survey that looks at how well Canadians can afford to pay their bills. UBC economics professor Giovanni Gallipoli was interviewed for […]

Canadian researchers test new stem-cell therapy for diabetes

UBC and Vancouver Coastal Health are testing a new cure for diabetes which replaces a person’s damaged pancreatic cells with new ones grown in the lab from embryonic stem cells. […]

The five big claims against boosting minimum wage, debunked

A new National Observer article discussed the common claims against a minimum wage and mentioned work by UBC economics professor David Green. Green analyzed one claim–that a substantial wage hike […]

UBC prof complainants ‘devastated’ he was back on campus this term

CBC reported on the experiences of a woman who alleged she was sexually harassed by a UBC professor and another who alleged she was groped by the same professor.

From choice or necessity, more people are working post-65

UBC economics professor Craig Riddell was interviewed for a Vancouver Sun story on the trend toward working past retirement age. “One of the principal causes is increased longevity, and people […]

Experts warn against ‘raw water’ trend

UBC food-safety professor Siyun Wang commented on the trend for drinking untreated spring water or “raw water.” She told Metro that outbreaks of other water-borne illnesses occur when people drink […]