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Mountain pine beetle turns Jasper forests red

Allan Carroll, a professor of insect ecology and director of the forest sciences program at UBC, spoke to CBC Edmonton about the destruction caused by mountain pine beetles in Jasper. […]

Is “what the fluff” cruel to pups?

Slate mentioned work on dog intelligence by Stanley Coren, a UBC psychology professor emeritus. He reasoned that a dog has the approximate intellectual equivalence of a two-and-a-half-year-old child.

Labour code review an opportunity to strengthen workers’ rights

The Vancouver Sun published an op-ed by Bethany Hastie, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC and Daniel Mare, a JD student at the school, about a […]

Mayoral candidate Patrick Condon steps aside after stroke

CBC reported that Patrick Condon, who teaches at UBC’s school of architecture and landscape architecture, bowed out of the Vancouver mayoral race after suffering a stroke. Similar stories appeared in […]

Mom takes aim at pharmacy over daughter’s close call with nut allergy

Donald Stark, an allergist and clinical professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, spoke to CBC about anaphylaxis. He explained that anaphylaxis presents differently in different people but there are classic […]

Signs of stabilization in Canadian housing markets: Study

CTV interviewed Tom Davidoff, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, about signs of housing market stabilization in Canadian cities. “We’ve sort of been waiting for the other […]

Billboard campaign puts spotlight on Indigenous artists in Canada

Michelle McGeough, a UBC historian of indigenous art, spoke to Smithsonian Magazine about a campaign highlighting Indigenous Canadian artists. She discussed how the artists are “taking on issues of appropriation.”

To reduce carbon footprint stop giving birth to more children

International Business Times highlighted a report from researchers from UBC and Lund University that examined methods of reducing damage from climate change. The report derails “a comprehensive suite of lifestyle […]

UBC students design compostable toilet made of mushrooms

The Vancouver Sun reported on a team of UBC architecture and science students who designed a compostable toilet made out of mushroom roots. The toilet was designed to help address the problem […]

People prefer a good story, no matter what their DNA says

CBC featured a UBC sociology study that found some white people who do DNA tests choose new racial identities for themselves if they feel it will be believable to others. […]

Knock your spots off

Star Vancouver quoted Shannon Humphrey, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science, for an article about dealing with skin problems. Humphrey explained the benefits of drugs […]

B.C. books for summertime downtime

The Province highlighted Ranch in the Slocan, a book by UBC professor emeritus Cole Harris. Harris is also an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Prof killed by wave remembered as a ‘wonderful person’

CBC Radio’s As it Happens reported on the death of biologist Denis Lynn, who died June 26 while on a research trip to Calvert Island.

Creative transit could better serve communities Greyhound is leaving

CBC Radio’s Day 6 interviewed David Snadden, the founding Rural Doctors UBC Chair in Rural Health, about how transit could better serve Western Canadian communities that Greyhound is leaving. He […]

BC SPCA investigate youth blowing smoke in kitten’s face

Eric Meyers, a professor in UBC’s school of library, archival and information studies, and youth and media expert, spoke to Surrey Now-Leader for an article about a video showing a […]

Steven Galloway in his own words: I’m not a monster. I won’t let false allegations define me

The National Post published an op-ed by Steven Galloway who was dismissed from his position as a UBC professor. The article also appeared in the Ottawa Citizen, and The Province. The Vancouver […]

What can other cities learn about water shortages from ‘Day Zero’?

The National Post published an op-ed by two UBC academics about water shortages in Cape Town. “Water scarcity crises are most often a result of mismanagement rather than of absolute […]

Taxpayers will back a carbon tax if they get a cheque in the mail

The Ottawa Citizen and National Post published an op-ed about a carbon tax by UBC researchers Werner Antweiler and Sumeet Gulati. “The federal government accepted Ontario’s cap-and-trade system because the predicted carbon reductions […]

Star swimmer has family and friends in his lane

The Globe and Mail profiled Connor Bissett, a UBC swimmer who has autism spectrum disorder. Bissett has competed in Canada’s Special Olympics since age 11.

Group exhibition at KAG

Tania Willard, a visual artist and master’s candidate at UBC’s Okanagan campus, will have her work shown at a group exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery, Castanet reported. Woven Together […]