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B.C. creates more uncertainty for Trans Mountain with bitumen restriction

CBC quoted two UBC professors in a story about a government proposal to restrict any increase in diluted bitumen shipments. David Boyd, a UBC professor of environmental law, discussed the role […]

30,000 toenail clippings may hold clues to prostate cancer

CBC New Brunswick reported on research co-lead by Trevor Dummer, a UBC professor at the school of population and public health. Dummer and Anil Adisesh of Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick are using samples […]

Korea conference complicates Canada’s free-trade initiatives

Business in Vancouver interviewed Yves Tiberghien, director emeritus of UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, about the impact of Canada’s recent on conference North Korea. He said Canada’s hosting of the Foreign […]

Pushing the limits of extreme breath-holding

The New Yorker mentioned research by Anthony Bain, who completed a Ph.D. on the physiology of extreme breath-holding at UBC’s Okanagan campus. Bain showed that dopamine had almost no effect […]

Large beetles are shrinking, thanks to climate change

Science Magazine highlighted a UBC study on the impact of climate change on insects. Michelle Tseng, a UBC evolutionary ecologist, and her undergraduate students found articles that indicated at least […]

Scientists record orca mimicking ‘hello’ and other human words

John Ford, an orca researcher at UBC and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, commented on a study that documented a captive killer whale imitating human speech. “It is now clear that […]

Andrew Feinstein exposes “the shadow world” of global arms

CBC Ideas featured a UBC Wall Exchange talk by former South African politician and U.K. corruption researcher Andrew Feinstein. He argues that the arms trade does not make us more […]

Wealthy immigrants took back door into Vancouver and Toronto’s housing markets

Global quoted three UBC researchers in a story about housing markets in Vancouver and Toronto. Daniel Hiebert, a UBC geographer who has focused on international migration, said investor immigration is […]

The 10 least affordable housing markets in the world

Yahoo quoted Tsur Somerville, a UBC professor and director of the UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate, about housing market statistics. He explains that a “high amenity city, […]

Let’s Talk about mental health of young immigrant and refugee men

Carla Hilario, a UBC nursing PhD candidate, wrote an op-ed for The Conversation about mental health among young immigrant and refugee men. “My research with these immigrant and refugee young […]

CFLS Spring 2018 Lecture Series: Black on Bay Street


UBCO women’s volleyball team ranked number 1 in country

Global reported on the success of the UBC Okanagan women’s Heat volleyball team. The team has just been ranked number one in Canada by USports.

Unselfish T-Birds boast biggest offensive lineup in years

The Province reported on the recent success of the UBC Thunderbirds men’s basketball team. The article also highlighted Gabrielle Laguerta, a UBC basketball player, and hockey player Logan Boyd.

More winter sport hospitalizations recorded in BC: Health authority

News 1130 quoted Shelina Babul, a UBC clinical pediatrics professor, about winter sports injuries. She discussed how winter sport-related hospitalizations in B.C. were higher in 2017 than in 2016.

German shock at car exhaust tests on humans and monkeys

BBC interviewed Chris Carlsten, a UBC professor and respiratory specialist, for a story about car exhaust testing on humans and monkeys. He said it was “not very common” to do air […]

Can data help prevent workplace injuries and death?

Journal of Commerce quoted Chris McLeod, a professor in UBC’s school of population and public health, about how data could help prevent workplace injuries. He said routine data can help if it’s […]

Mammals, birds could beat reptiles and amphibians in race to survive: Study

The Boston Globe reported on a UBC study that found cold-blooded reptiles and amphibians could be slow to adapt to climate change, and that mammals and birds could have the […]

Generic drug industry agrees to cut prices in 5-year deal with provinces

Various media outlets interviewed UBC professors after Canada’s generic drug industry agreed to cut prices 25 per cent to 40 per cent for provincial public drug plans. Steve Morgan, a professor […]