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Receive missile text alert on your phone? Not yet in B.C.

Kent Johansen, an engineer at UBC’s earthquake engineering research facility, spoke to CBC about earthquake warning systems. He said traditional SMS text messaging wouldn’t reach everyone fast enough, and that […]

Vancouver plans to roll out hundreds more free Wi-Fi hubs

Two UBC professors spoke to local media outlets about risks associated with using free public Wi-Fi. Ronald Cenfetelli, an accounting and information systems professor at the UBC Sauder School of […]

Foreign interference and Canadian democracy

Chris Tenove, a postdoctoral research fellow at the UBC Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions, spoke with CBC Radio’s On the Coast about his new report, Digital Threats to […]

MDMA for PTSD therapy enters final round of trials

Various media outlets reported on the final round of clinical trials for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy and quoted Mark Haden, a public health professor at UBC. Haden said there is a high […]

Cannabis ‘genetics bottleneck’ a concern for licensed producers

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Jonathan Page, a UBC botany professor, about the “genetics bottleneck” in the cannabis industry. He discussed concerns with sharing cannabis genetics information. The story also appeared […]

Vancouver has a shot at hosting a big gaming event

News 1130 quoted Hillary Lee, a director with the eSports Association at UBC, about an international gaming event.

More trans people access surgeries, B.C. tackles backlog

Metro News reported on a UBC study that examined the health care experiences of transgender people in B.C. The study found that 40 per cent of its participants had trouble […]

Retailers also slammed by affordability crisis

Metro News interviewed Jeremy Stone, a UBC PhD candidate who studies gentrification, about housing affordability in Vancouver. “We clearly have a property and land crisis, not just a housing crisis,” […]

U.S. blames Russia for supporting North Korea attempts to mask own failure

Sputnik News quoted two UBC professors in an article after North Korea evaded international economic sanctions. Donald Baker with UBC’s department of Asian studies said Donald Trump often attempts to […]

UBC Theatre finds geeky heart and humour

The Georgia Straight highlighted She Kills Monsters, a UBC Department of Theatre and Film production. The play is set in the role-playing fantasy world of the game Dungeons and Dragons. […]

What would landing Amazon HQ mean for Toronto housing?

Metro News quoted Paul Kershaw, a UBC professor and affordable housing advocate, in a story about the Toronto housing market. He said he suspects Vancouver’s high housing prices played a […]

How fear of missing out is worse than we thought

CBC reported on UBC studies that examined mental health impacts of believing your peers are more socially connected than you are. The researchers found participants believed their friends had more […]

Lind Initiative: Francis Fukuyama


Toronto now most expensive Canadian city for renters

Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, spoke to the Toronto Sun about the challenges young people face in finding affordable housing in Canadian cities. […]

Canada must rethink health spending strategy

The Globe and Mail mentioned a commentary by Paul Kershaw, a UBC public health professor, in an article about health care in Canada. Kershaw said governments should “seek better balance […]

What Tom Petty’s death says about Vancouver overdose crisis

The Vancouver Courier quoted Mark Tyndall, the director of the UBC Centre for Disease Control, in an article about the opioid crisis in Vancouver. He said health officials do not […]

B.C. firm tackles ethical challenges of artificial intelligence

Richmond News published a Business In Vancouver story that mentions a consulting firm based at UBC. Generation R Consulting was commissioned to develop artificial intelligence ethics guidelines for new software.

Beyond consenting, women actually want to enjoy sex

Beyond consenting, women actually want to enjoy sex

UBC economics professor Marina Adshade wrote a Globe and Mail op-ed on the evolving definitions of consent in sexual relations.

Records Management 101: Document Naming Conventions

Records Management 101: Document Naming Conventions

This video, created by the University of British Columbia’s Records Management Office, introduces naming conventions for electronic records, so you can always find your stuff!

What if a nuclear missile really were headed our way?

Allen Sens, a professor of international relations, was interviewed for a CBC story discussing what would happen if a real nuclear missile was headed for Canada. “In general, a missile […]