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Vancouver expects to collect $30M from empty homes tax in 2018

The Star Vancouver interviewed Nathanael Lauster, a UBC sociology professor, about Vancouver’s new empty homes tax. Lauster said the empty homes tax does seem to have been effective at communicating to property owners that […]

Race and gender still an issue at academic conferences

The National Post published an op-ed by Michele Koppes, the Canada Research Chair in Landscapes of Climate Change at UBC, and a group of UBC PhD candidates, about issues of […]

Seattle struggles with bike lanes, Vancouver won the battle

The Seattle Times quoted Kay Teschke, a UBC professor emeritus of public health, for a story about bike lanes. Teschke said many North American cities build bikeways that are not […]

Viruses, ET, octopus from space: Return of panspermia

Research by Curtis Suttle, a UBC virologist, was featured in Cosmos Magazine. Suttle and his colleagues published the first research into the number of viruses being deposited from the atmosphere.

3 cancers on the rise and what to know to protect yourself

Best Health interviewed Sam Wiseman, a professor in UBC’s department of surgery, about the types of cancers that are on the rise. Wiseman said says the surge in thyroid cancer […]

Heat waves are roasting reefs, but some corals may be resilient

William Cheung, a UBC marine biologist, commented on an Australian coral reef study for Science News. He said if corals need to move to adapt, humans should focus on connecting […]

What if we didn’t… have banks?

Victoria Lemieux, a UBC professor of archival science and head of the blockchain research cluster at UBC, spoke to Mic for a story about the possibility that banks will cease […]

Everything you want to know about the royal wedding

Sarika Bose, a UBC English professor, spoke to CBC about the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Bose explained the details of the wedding day.

Russian rocket stage with toxic fuel to fall in Canadian Arctic

The Canadian Press interviewed Michael Byers, a professor of international law at UBC, about a Russian rocket stage likely holding highly toxic fuel that may splash down in environmentally sensitive […]

Letters from Japanese-Canadian youth during internment years

The Vancouver Courier reported on UBC students who learned about what life was like for young Japanese Canadians in the Second World War. Joan Gillis recently donated letters from Japanese […]

Deliciously diverse food of 1.6 billion Chinese comes to Vancouver

The Tyee quoted Henry Yu, a UBC historian and expert in Asian migration, in a story about Chinese cuisine in Vancouver. Yu discussed the history of immigrant restaurants.

Doctors must get better at diagnosing patients with darker skin: Dermatologists

The Canadian Press interviewed Bolu Ogunyemi, a UBC resident in dermatology, about the need for doctors to better diagnose patients with darker skin. Ogunyemi said symptoms of skin conditions in […]

Bill C-75 reforms too little, too late to respond to domestic violence

The Toronto Star published an op-ed co-written by Isabel Grant, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, about proposed changes to the criminal law response […]

Composting with Worms: Vermicomposting 101


10 Okanagan champions for our planet

The Kelowna Daily Courier profiled Casey Hamilton, a nutritionist who works at UBC’s Okanagan campus. Hamilton helped plant a food forest in Mission Creek Park and supports green-building initiatives.

How citizen scientists are helping to protect migratory birds

Canadian Geographic mentioned UBC in an article about how citizen scientists help track birds using an app called eBird. Scientists from UBC, the Canadian government, Carleton University and the Cornell […]

The best and brightest at #BCTECH Summit 201

BC Business profiled Ian Crosby, a UBC alumnus and co-founder of the largest bookkeeping company in the U.S. which recently launched in Canada. Crosby graduated from the UBC Sauder School […]

Can better sex be achieved with a bit of mindfulness?

The Toronto Star interviewed Lori Brotto, the Canada Research Chair in Women’s Sexual Health at UBC, about her research on the link between mindfulness and sexual desire and satisfaction. Brotto […]

Why Mongolia hopes to host a Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting

The Washington Post interviewed two UBC experts about the possible meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Julian Dierkes, a professor at the Institute of Asian Research, spoke about […]