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Chinese edition of Vancouver-area newspaper sparks resentment on social media

Star Vancouver interviewed Rima Wilkes and Yue Qian, two UBC sociology professors, about a new Chinese-language version of a Vancouver-area newspaper. Wilkes discussed how language is about power and Qian explained […]

Caw-cawll to action lets crows gang up on bigger ravens

Vancouver Courier featured research by Benjamin Freeman, a UBC postdoctoral fellow, about the dynamics between crows and ravens. Freeman found that the social behaviour of crows allows them gang up on ravens. Similar […]

35 per cent of fish caught for food is never eaten

Newsweek quoted Daniel Pauly, with the Sea Around Us research initiative at UBC, in an article about a report on waste from fishing operations by the Food and Agriculture Organization. […]

Implant can warn if you’re about to have a heart attack

Daily Mail reported on an implant that can warn of a heart attack created by scientists at UBC. The smart stent includes a sensor designed to monitor blood pressure in […]

Overlooked symptom of postpartum depression

Women’s Health featured UBC research that found anger was a common occurrence among sufferers of maternal postnatal depression. “We know that mothers can be depressed and anxious in the postpartum period, but […]

Is having sex with robots healthy for you?

Men’s Health mentioned work by Marina Adshade, a UBC professor, after U.K. doctors found that there is no evidence that having sex with robots is healthy for you. Adshade discussed […]

Researchers find ally in quest to make solar panels work on cloudy days: E. coli

Global reported on UBC researchers who developed a method of building a solar cell using bacteria that can effectively harvest energy on cloudy days. “On a day like today in Vancouver, where […]

Politics at play, shipbuilding contract could land in Quebec

CTV Montreal interviewed Michael Byers, a UBC professor, for a story about the possibility of a major shipbuilding contract coming to Quebec. He said the government can’t deny the benefits […]

Starbucks, citing ocean threat, to ditch plastic straws

The Canadian Press interviewed David Boyd, a UBC professor and environmental lawyer, after Starbucks announced it will eliminate plastic straws from all its stores by 2020. He said there has […]

Blueberry Festival


UBC hosts pollinator picnic in Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News quoted Nancy Holmes, a professor who teaches in the faculty of creative and critical studies at UBC’s Okanagan campus, about Kelowna’s bee ambassador program. “These amazing citizens, […]