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What can other cities learn about water shortages from ‘Day Zero’?

The Conversation published an op-ed by two UBC academics about water shortages in Cape Town.

Designed to make you disconnect

The Globe and Mail mentioned landscape design work by two UBC alumni. Caron Isenor and Anna Thomas studied landscape architecture at UBC and created a piece called Les hélicoptères.

‘Helicopter parenting’ linked to behavioural issues later: Study

Shimi Kang, a UBC psychiatrist and clinical professor, spoke to News 1130 about the impacts of “helicopter parenting.” “It’s well-intentioned parents who are trying to do their best,” Kang explained.

Fatal death cap mushroom may ultimately be a life-saver

The Vancouver Sun reported on a UBC study describing the development of the first synthetic version of a toxin found in the death cap mushroom. The study was led by UBC […]

What can other cities learn about water shortages from ‘Day Zero’?

The Conversation published an op-ed by two UBC academics about water shortages in Cape Town. “Water scarcity crises are most often a result of mismanagement rather than of absolute declines […]

Student whose throat was slashed in UBC dorm files lawsuit against school

The Canadian Press reported that a woman who was slashed by a fellow UBC student is suing the university for negligence. The CP story appeared in the Globe and Mail […]

Sharks honoured on new Canadian postage stamps

Star Vancouver interviewed two UBC researchers for an article about new Canada Post stamps that feature five sharks. “These large sharks, they have really strong ability to follow ocean conditions,” […]

Greyhound exit to spur innovation: Prof

The Winnipeg Free Press quoted John Helliwell, a UBC economics professor emeritus, in a story about the decision by Greyhound Canada to pull out of the prairies. He said Canada’s […]

Taxpayers will back a carbon tax if they get a cheque in the mail

The Conversation published an op-ed about a carbon tax by UBC researchers Werner Antweiler and Sumeet Gulati. “The federal government accepted Ontario’s cap-and-trade system because the predicted carbon reductions under […]

Biologist killed during research trip was leading authority in his field

The Vancouver Courier reported on the death of Denis Lynn, who died June 26 while on a research trip to Calvert Island.

Vancouver Pops and Symphony Choir: Be Our Guest


Cantonese-Canadian farms could hold key to future

Business in Vancouver interviewed Henry Yu, a UBC history professor, for a story about the history of Chinese-Canadian farmers. He discussed a regulation that was enforced only against Chinese farmers.

Four issues to be resolved in cannabis legalization

Policy Options mentioned UBC-funded research in a story about cannabis legislation. The study found that more than half of respondents who use cannabis for medical reasons reported that they never […]

Can reporting on vulnerable people do more harm than good?

The Tyee mentioned work by UBC journalism students in an article about reporting on vulnerable people. The students wrote an article for the school’s news website about a Downtown Eastside […]