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Toronto Star brand to expand nationally

The Toronto Star mentioned work by Jon Corbett, a professor in community, culture and global studies at UBC’s Okanagan campus, in a story about the expansion of the Toronto Star brand. […]

Fighting over chores? Spend some money, save the marriage

The New York Times reported on research by scholars at UBC and the Harvard Business School. Researchers found that people who spent more money on timesaving services were more satisfied […]

See how fish get from coral reefs to your aquarium tank

National Geographic reported on work by UBC researchers that examined how fish end up in aquarium tanks. “This is the first project that synthesizes the journey of the aquatic trade,” […]

South America’s Patagonia icefields are beautiful and in trouble

Forbes quoted Michele Koppes, a UBC glaciologist, about the speed of glacial retreat in South America. Koppes said “the glaciers of Patagonia are some of the most temperate, fastest, and most erosive […]

Mongolia mining corruption probe snares former PM

The Financial Times quoted UBC professor Julian Dierkes in a story on investigations into mining corruption in Mongolia. “The Mongolian government and public is slowly beginning to build up capacity […]

Exoplanets: Worlds beyond our solar system

Space interviewed Jaymie Matthews, a UBC astrophysicist, about how scientists knew exoplanets existed. Matthews was involved in some of the early exoplanet discoveries.

Dalai Lama caught in the middle as India and China reboot ties

CNN interviewed Tsering Shakya, a Tibet scholar and research chair at UBC, for a story about ties between India and China. “India is sensing Tibet’s appeal in the West is declining,” […]

Costco employees share things they wish shoppers would stop doing

Business Insider cited a 2018 study from UBC for a story about what Costco employees want shoppers to stop doing. Researchers found that the promise of bargains can “lead consumers […]

Poaching talent from U.S.

Inside Higher Education reported on academics from the United States and other countries moving to Canadian universities such as UBC. Azim Shariff is leaving the University of California, Irvine, to […]

Vancouver Art Gallery launches Bombhead exhibition

Lonely Planet featured an exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery guest-curated by art historian and UBC professor emeritus John O’Brian. The Bombhead show features of works by artists including David […]

Season of sneezing and allergies hits B.C. as weather heats up

Donald Stark, an allergist and clinical professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, spoke to CBC about the impacts of an earlier spring. He discussed how rainy periods followed by warm […]

Boost your brain with this science-proven trick

MSN published an article citing UBC research that linked exercise and memory retention. The researchers found that aerobic exercise increases the size of the hippocampus, which is associated with increased […]

Pet custody fights

CBC Radio’s On the Coast interviewed Victoria Shroff, a pet litigation lawyer and UBC law professor, about pet custody fights. The segment appears at the 37-minute mark.

Software developer’s experiment to get over smartphone pull

Peter Reiner, a UBC professor of psychiatry and neuroethics, spoke to CTV about problematic smartphone use. He said it can be “defined loosely as when you’re using technology more than […]

Michael McCaul says 1 in 100 people is a sociopath

Robert D. Hare, a UBC psychology professor emeritus, was interviewed by the Houston Chronicle about his work on psychopathy. Hare explained that “psychopathy is dimensional and not a diagnostic category.”

New program aims to turn students into forensic scientists

Metro News reported on a new bachelor’s forensics program, which is a collaboration between UBC and BCIT. “It’s a marriage of biochemistry and forensic sciences,” said Warren Williams, senior instructor […]

45 things to do in Vancouver on March 31

The Georgia Straight highlighted several events on UBC campus. The article featured the final performance of The Crucible at UBC’s Frederic Wood Theatre, a performance of St. John Passion by […]

We need to talk about cow welfare: what does the science say?

The Irish Times highlighted research by Daniel Weary, the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare at UBC. His research showed dairy calves express feelings, have individual personality differences and […]

Could this be social media’s Big Tobacco reckoning?

Taylor Owen, a UBC professor of digital media and global affairs, spoke to CBC about the impact of social media use following Facebook’s data breach. “Before last week most people […]