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How well can other people read you?

BBC highlighted a new UBC paper that offers new evidence that good judges do exist — people who can read people’s personalities and emotions like a book. “Reports highlighting the […]

Governments commit $1.5-million for study of high-speed train

The Vancouver Sun quoted Larry Frank, the director of UBC’s health and community design lab, about transportation on the Cascadia corridor. He said studying the potential for high-speed rail on […]

Long table dinners support UBC Farm projects

The Vancouver Sun highlighted the long table dinner at UBC. The dinner showcased UBC’s research farm and culinary team. The story also appeared in The Province.

Junk science, hypnotized witnesses, put Duray Richards in jail

The Province reported on work by UBC law students at the Innocence Project. The students worked on the case of a man who was jailed for murder.

Star orbiting supermassive black hole proves theory right again

Newsweek quoted Ingrid Stairs, a UBC physicist, for a story about a new study that successfully tested Einstein’s theory of general relativity near a supermassive black hole. “The study is […]

This bacteria could boost solar panels on cloudy days

Popular Science highlighted UBC researchers who have developed a cheap, sustainable solar cell from the E. coli bacteria. “We believe that biogenic solar cells will be a useful complement to […]

Expanded Colonist archive offers 1960s history at your fingertips

The Times Colonist mentioned UBC in a story about the expanded archive of a newspaper in Victoria. The digitization of the paper is supported by the Irving K. Barber Learning […]

Class action suit questions rare diseases drug funding

Star Vancouver interviewed Steve Morgan, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, about a class action lawsuit about drug funding for rare diseases. He said a very […]

Dads, if you want your daughters to be CEOs, do laundry

Today reported on a UBC study that showed fathers who take part in household chores tend to have successful daughters. The psychology study gauged factors including how much parents self-relate […]

Real estate ‘windfall’ tax would curb speculation and gentrification

Star Vancouver interviewed Tom Davidoff, a UBC professor of economics, about a real estate “windfall” tax. Davidoff discussed the issues of zoning in Vancouver.

Mars will be five times brighter this weekend, here’s why

Star Vancouver reported that UBC’s Astronomy Club hosted a viewing party to watch Mars, which is closer to Earth from July 27 to 31 than it will be for more […]

Finally, historical fiction taken seriously

The Toronto Star featured a book written by Ellen Keith, a UBC alumna. Keith, who earned a master’s of fine arts from UBC, published her debut book The Dutch Wife in […]

Servers upset for being asked to shill for employer on Instagram

Jarrett Vaughan, an adjunct professor of social media marketing at UBC, spoke to CBC London about ethical concerns related to social media. Vaughan said one of the biggest concerns is […]

Exotic dolphin stranded on Vancouver Island beach dies despite rescue effort

Andrew Trites, director of the marine mammal research unit at UBC, spoke to the Canadian Press for a story about a dolphin stranded on Vancouver Island. He said models predict […]

Indians Abroad for Pluralist India focuses on extremism’s rise

The Georgia Straight mentioned UBC research in a story about the rise of extremism. UBC researcher Kamal Arora was honoured for her study of female victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh […]