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Social media influencers earn big bucks capturing B.C.’s natural beauty

Wahiba Chair, a digital marketing instructor with the UBC Sauder School of Business, was cited in a CBC story on social media influencers and outdoor adventuring. She noted that some […]

Exploding Salish Sea seal population sparks call for a cull

The Vancouver Sun interviewed a UBC researcher about the U.S. government’s planned cull of sea lions that are decimating chinook and steelhead populations in the Columbia River. Ben Nelson, a […]

Can we talk about housing without getting so angry?

The Tyee interviewed UBC sociologist Nathanael Lauster for a story on the controversy around housing supply in Vancouver. Lauster said emotions are fuelled because those who grew up in homes […]

One in three fish caught never makes it to the plate – UN report

The Guardian interviewed Daniel Pauly, a professor at UBC’s Sea Around Us research initiative, about a new U.N. report that found much of global fish harvests is wasted and many […]

Einstein’s gravity theory tested in extreme conditions

Sputnik News reported on research that tested and proved a key principle of gravity from Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which states that all objects fall the same way in […]

Dementia risk higher for those with lung disease but could be treated with oxygen therapy

Express UK reported on a UBC study on effect of oxygen therapy for people with lung disease. Ryan Hoiland, a PhD student at UBC’s Okanagan campus, and his colleagues found […]

Tell-tale sign of postnatal depression

The Mirror (UK) highlighted UBC research that showed anger is often overlooked as a sign of postnatal depression. Nursing PhD student Christine Ou conducted the study and said that being […]

New HPV test shows promising results in detecting cervical cancer

Bustle reported on a study that showed the HPV test is better at detecting precancerous cervical changes than a Pap smear. The research involved 19,000 women and was led by […]

Genetic ancestry tests don’t change your identity, but you might

PBS and Salon posted an op-ed, originally published in The Conversation, by UBC sociology professor Wendy Roth. She discussed her research project on people who experienced genetic ancestry testing. “Rather than […]

Clouds are no problem for new bacteria-powered solar panels

Popular Mechanics highlighted a new bacteria-powered solar panel developed by a UBC team. The UBC researchers genetically engineered E. coli bacteria and then covered them with semiconducting materials to produce […]

Fecal waste falling from Canadian sky blamed on ‘poopsicles’

Inverse cited UBC experts in a story about suspected human feces raining down from the sky in Kelowna. UBC Okanagan earth and environmental sciences professors Robert Young and Bernie Bauer […]

Acceptance must be more than skin deep

A Vogue UK article on the progress of LGBTQ+ rights in Britain highlighted work by UBC sociology professor Amin Ghaziani, which found that subtle discrimination still exists. “Some interviewees perceived […]

Design and makeup of ‘Little Syria’ ideal for resettlement

CBC highlighted work by UBC urban geography graduate student Bronwyn Bragg, who is studying the settlement of Syrian refugees living in “Little Syria” in southeast Calgary. Among other things, she […]

Auto industry bracing for ‘chaos’ amid Trump’s tariff threat

BNN Bloomberg interviewed Mahesh Nagarajan, a professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business for a story on Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on vehicles exported to the U.S. Nagarajan […]

UBC student uses satellite images to track suspected Chinese re-education centres

Work by Shawn Zhang, a student at UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law, was highlighted in a new Globe and Mail story. Zhang has been using satellite images to […]

Could your diabetes medication be the next anti-aging pill?

The Globe and Mail interviewed Judy Wong, an associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences at UBC, for a story about new U.S. research that showed metformin, a popular treatment for diabetes, […]

Christie Blatchford: Why I’d name Steven Galloway’s accuser

A Postmedia columnist commented on the anonymity granted to the main complainant in a case involving former UBC creative writing professor Steven Galloway. The article appeared in the National Post, […]

Drug plan cut will hit Ontario middle class hardest

Steve Morgan, a UBC population and public health professor, discussed why Doug Ford’s decision to privatize much of the universal public drug plan for children and youth will not save […]

Studying Kratom and other opioid-like drugs

Paula N. Brown, director of applied research at BCIT and an adjunct professor of biology at UBC, weighed in on the U.S. FDA recommendation to effectively ban Kratom and its […]

We can work with John Bolton

UBC professor Michael Byers discussed the appointment of John Bolton as U.S. national security adviser in a Globe and Mail op-ed. “John Bolton is smart, tough and highly strategic. Forget […]