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Thief takes off with UBC engineering team’s $5K electric bike project

CBC reported on the theft of an electric bike belonging to UBC engineering design team ThunderBikes. It is part of a project which the team hoped to enter in a competition […]

The meme-ification of politics: Politicians & their ‘lit’ memes

Salon published an op-ed by Chris Tenove, a postdoctoral research fellow at UBC, about political memes. The piece originally appeared in The Conversation.

The New Year’s baby race: Could you have a contender?

Yahoo spoke to Karen Nordahl, a clinical instructor at UBC’s department of family practice, about babies born at New Year.

More money, more greenspace, according to UBC study

Vancouver Courier reported on research from UBC’s faculty of forestry which looked at greenspace in cities in relation to local income and education levels. Lorien Nesbitt, a postdoctoral research fellow […]