UBC experts on health effects of extreme heat

The B.C. Coroners Service released a review today of 619 deaths it attributes to last summer’s extreme heat. UBC experts are available to comment.

Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch (she/hers)
Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Email: jennifer.baumbusch@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Protecting seniors and other vulnerable people from extreme heat

*unavailable after 6 p.m. PT; preference for print, web or pre-recorded interviews

Dr. Michael Brauer
Professor, School of Population and Public Health
Email: michael.brauer@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Health effects of extreme heat, approaches to minimize impacts

*unavailable before 4 p.m. PT on Tuesday, between 8-10 a.m. PT on Wednesday

Dr. Chris Carlsten
Professor and Head of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Medicine
Tel: 604-839-1561
Email: christopher.carlsten@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Respiratory problems, health effects of heat waves, climate change

Dr. Lorien Nesbitt (she/hers)
Assistant Professor, Department of Forest Resources Management
Phone: 604–822–3482
Email: lorien.nesbitt@ubc.ca
Interview Language(s): English

  • extreme heat events
  • urban green (in)equity
  • urban forestry and social-ecological urban systems, with an emphasis on environmental justice, human health, well-being and climate change

Dr. Michael Schwandt
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Population and Public Health
Tel: Contact Ryan Chan at 604-875-4375 to arrange interview
Interview language(s): English

  • health system and community responses to extreme heat, with equity considerations