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Twenty science-backed ways to reduce stress

Men’s Fitness cited UBC psychology research on the link between checking work emails and stress. The study found that people felt less stressed when they checked their email less frequently.

Unsafe to drink

Madjid Mohseni, a UBC engineering professor and scientific director at Res’eau WaterNet, a partnership that works with small communities to provide drinkable water, spoke to the Globe and Mail for a […]

Risk test could reduce unnecessary cardiac diagnostics

UBC research has found that thousands of people are needlessly given radiological exams and cardiac stress tests after suffering chest pains, the Vancouver Sun reported. Christopher Fordyce, study lead author […]

2017 Life Sciences Start-Up Competition


Black history month, important? Yes, but…

Annette Henry, the David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education at UBC, spoke to Radio Canada about Black History Month. Henry said we must “normalize” black history, and incorporate it into […]

Victims of crime pay the real price for unreasonable delays

The Globe and Mail published an op-ed by Benjamin Perrin, a professor at UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law, about how delays in the justice system harm victims of […]

Cleanliness could be a health hazard, researcher says

Various media outlets reported on UBC research that found a link between gut yeast in babies and the risk of developing asthma. Brett Finlay, a UBC microbiologist, said this research […]

Is Detroit really making a comeback?

CityLab mentioned work by Jamie Peck, a UBC geographer, in a story about uneven recovery in Detroit. Peck raised concerns about creative class-led gentrification. The article also appeared in The […]

Old particle accelerator tech might be what the doctor ordered

Smithsonian Magazine mentioned TRIUMF, the UBC-based laboratory leading the charge on technetium-99, commonly called the “workhorse of nuclear medicine.” The lab’s website notes that local cyclotrons are an improvement on the […]

Will development in neighbourhood lead to displacement?

Craig E. Jones, a UBC geography PhD candidate, spoke to CBC for a story about the impacts of development on communities in Metro Vancouver. Jones studied the Maywood neighbourhood in Burnaby, and […]

High school students explore their interest in medicine

CBC reported on Operation Med School at UBC, an annual one-day event that featured medical experts discussing global health topics. Approximately 200 high school students took part in the event.

Discussing shortage of teachers in B.C.

CBC’s On the Coast featured an interview with Wendy Carr, the associate dean of UBC’s teacher education program, about the shortage of teachers in B.C. Carr discussed the high demands on the list […]

Make prescription opioids legal: Former mayor Larry Campbell

Kerry Jang, a UBC professor of psychiatry and city councillor, spoke to Global after former Vancouver mayor Larry Campbell said he wants the federal and provincial governments to allow free opioid prescriptions for […]

Students disappointed after golf program cut at UBCO

The golf program is being cut at UBC’s Okanagan campus, Global reported. Rob Johnson, the director of athletics at UBCO, said revenues have not increased at the same pace as […]

Problem gamblers enter trancelike ‘zone’ playing slots: study

The Vancouver Sun highlighted a UBC study that supports the idea of a “slot machine zone” in which players escape from negative emotions and stress. Spencer Murch, a UBC psychology graduate […]

Fin whale’s ‘stretchy nerves’ mean it could eat a schoolbus

Science Daily featured UBC zoology research that provides insight into the stretchy nerve tissue of whales. UBC researcher Margo Lillie called the nerve shape a “special, ideal shape.” A similar story appeared […]

Trudeau’s visit to Germany

Kurt Huebner, the director of UBC’s Institute for European Studies, was interviewed on CTV News about Justin Trudeau’s trip to Germany. Huebner discussed the parallels between Canada and Germany.

In the Garden: Big week for gardeners with top shows calling

The Vancouver Sun reported on the upcoming Gardener’s School at the B.C. Home and Garden Show. Egan Davis, head instructor at UBC’s Botanical Garden’s horticultural training program, will discuss how […]

Victoria buildings at risk of earthquake destruction: Study

MSN published a Vancouver Sun story quoting Carlos Ventura, the director of UBC’s earthquake engineering research facility, after a study in Victoria found that almost 4,000 buildings in that city are at risk of […]