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UBC healthcare travelling roadshow stops in Grand Forks Monday

The Nelson Daily reported on UBC’s Healthcare Travelling Roadshow. Ten health profession students representing medicine, nursing, licensed practical nursing, respiratory therapy, midwifery, pharmacy, and optometry are part of the educational […]

Experts say 2018 will be the year space tourism takes off

CBC interviewed Jaymie Matthews, a professor in UBC’s department of physics and astronomy, about space tourism. He said having vehicles that can be reused with a very low failure rate, […]

Transit workers demand meeting with TTC over subway pollution

The Toronto Star interviewed Michael Brauer, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, about a study that found concentrations of a fine particulate matter were 10 times […]

Free medication for youth

Steve Morgan, a professor in UBC’s school of population and public health, discussed shifting provincial pharmacare policies on CBC. He said a program targeting young people is an expedient way […]

A growing divide

Craig Riddell, an economics professor at UBC, was quoted in a Globe and Mail article about widening inequality in B.C. Riddell said Canada’s growing prosperity is not being shared equally.

A marvel of medicine near to Canada’s heart

The Globe and Mail interviewed Matthew Bennett, a clinical professor at UBC’s medical school, about pacemakers. Bennett is a heart rhythm specialist who implants pacemakers in his patients.

When to expect each allergy season

Amin Kanani, an allergen specialist at UBC’s faculty of medicine, spoke to the Weather Network about the start of allergy season. Kanani said trees usually start to pollenate once the […]

The LINK Online

Radio Canada featured an interview with Harry Nelson, a professor in UBC’s forestry faculty, about the softwood lumber dispute. Nelson said recent duties imposed on Canadian lumber imports were a […]