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UBC experts available to comment on Vancouver School Board budget vote

UBC experts available to comment on Vancouver School Board budget vote

The Vancouver School Board votes tonight (April 28) on a budget that addresses a $24-million funding shortfall. UBC experts are available for comment.

UBC events showcase emerging field of epigenetics

The emerging field of epigenetics will be tackled at a UBC workshop from April 27 to 29, CBC reported. Epigenetics studies chemical reactions that regulate a person’s genes, and the […]

A growing affair at UBC Botanical Garden

The Vancouver Sun highlighted the forthcoming plant sale at the UBC Botanical Garden. The sale will include native, perennial and unusual plants, including edible food plants.

Peacocks don’t just show their feathers, they rattle them

The New York Times, Daily Mail and other media outlets highlighted research co-authored by Roslyn Dakin, a zoologist at UBC, which shows that when peacocks display their trains, they also shake […]

Should you hug your dog?

Giving your hug a hug may actually be making him miserable or anxious, according to UBC psychology professor emeritus and canine expert Stanley Coren, reports the New York Times. Coren […]

Women less likely than men to get cardiac rehab

UBC’s Dr. Karin H. Humphries was quoted in a Reuters article reporting new research that shows women are less likely than men to participate fully in cardiac rehab programs. “A […]

Psychedelic drugs may reduce domestic violence

United Press International and Times of India featured a study by UBC psychology professor Zach Walsh, which found that men who used psychedelic drugs such as LSD and ecstasy, even […]

Attack on gay-straight alliances

A Huffington Post article criticizing attacks on gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in the U.S. mentions UBC research in this area. The UBC study found that both LGBTQ and heterosexual students in […]

Collegiate esports primed for growth and exposure

Big money and fans are pouring into collegiate e-sports, according to a new ESPN article. The article noted that UBC hosts seven League of Legends teams and are back-to-back uLoL […]

‘Horses,’ ‘Nuts!’ ‘Stations’ make Annecy competition cut

Ann Marie Fleming’s “Window Horses” will screen at this year’s nine-feature competition of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, reports Variety. The festival is one of the most important animation […]

Stationary bikes in the classroom

A Globe and Mail op-ed questions the trend in North America for “self-regulation” for children, an example of which is the recent installation of a spin bike in one Dartmouth, […]

Sex-assault policy now mandatory for all B.C. postsecondary institutions

B.C. has introduced a bill that will require all public postsecondary institutions to develop a sexual-misconduct policy amidst growing concern about the safety of young women on campus, the Globe […]

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