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What are you working on: Anne Lama

Anne Lama, UBC’s conservator in the Rare Books and Special Collections, talks about the most memorable object she has ever handled in her career.

The best man will play is the mantra at UBC Football Spring Camp

The best man will play is the mantra at UBC Football Spring Camp

UBC Football Spring Camp runs all this week with practices going from 5:45pm – 8pm at Thunderbird Stadium.

VSB needs diversity mentors

VSB needs diversity mentors

VSB needs diversity mentors UBC sociology instructor Hélène Frohard-Dourlent criticized the proposal to shed diversity mentor positions in the Vancouver School District in light of a budget shortfall for 2016-17. […]

Online Vancouver ads seek sex in exchange for accommodation

The growing number of online ads in Vancouver offering accommodation in exchange for sex was the focus of a Vancouver Sun article. “[The ads are] taking advantage of the fact […]

Antibiotics overuse can accelerate Type 1 diabetes

A new UBC study shows that prolonged antibiotic use can accelerate Type 1 diabetes by disrupting gut bacteria, reports Vancouver Metro News. “This suggests that early life events are critical […]

Political price for education cut showdowns across B.C.

Jason Ellis, a UBC professor of education, was cited in a News 1130 article on education cuts across B.C. “This is one of the things about BC education finance that […]

Cécile McLorin Salvant at UBC this weekend

Award winning jazz artist Cécile McLorin Salvant will perform on Sunday at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC, reports News 1130. Wendy Atkinson with the Chan Centre […]

Dogs in therapy

More media outlets reported on an informal survey of dog behaviour by UBC canine expert Stanley Coren. In a blog post for Psychology Today, Coren said a hug could restrict […]

The oldest crystal on Earth

The oldest pieces of rock on Earth – zircon crystals – were probably formed in the craters left by asteroids and not created by Earth’s plate tectonics, reports the Daily […]

Secret of how peacocks shake their tail feathers

A team led by UBC’s Roslyn Dakin has found that peacocks vibrate their feathers around 25 beats per second on average to generate a low-frequency sound that peahens can hear […]

Nations negotiate fishing in Arctic high seas

United Press International cited research by UBC’s Daniel Pauly which showed that China’s long-distance catch is vastly under-reported. Pauly and colleagues estimated that the country’s catch may have been as […]

Indigenous artists and thinkers on relocating

UBC professor Daniel Heath Justice was one of several indigenous thinkers included in a Vice article criticising calls for indigenous people to relocate. “Always, we have generally white men who […]

Basic income poses threat to existing social programs

UBC economist Kevin Milligan was cited in a Yahoo Finance article on Ontario’s plans for a basic income pilot program. “My concern is the sales pitch for basic income is […]

RESP grants favour higher-income families

A study of the Canada Education Savings Program shows that it’s helping higher-income families much more than struggling households, reports CBC News. The findings support UBC economist Kevin Milligan’s position, […]

Pigging out on Facebook and Twitter

A CBC article on social media excesses quotes Peter Reiner, professor at the National Core for Neuroethics. According to Reiner, research by the U.S. Federal Reserve found that worker productivity […]

Pine beetles not responsible for wildfires

A U.S. study showing that the beetle infestations in the U.S. Pacific Northwest are not as much of a fire hazard as previously feared may not be directly applicable to […]

What can one photo tell us about the media and 2016?

Policy site Politico asked and critics to analyze an image taken after the March 10 GOP debate in Miami for what it says about media in 2016. UBC professor Heidi […]

Just 60 seconds of intense exercise can boost your fitness level

UBC Okanagan health and exercise science professor Jonathan Little praised a new study that shows even a minute of intense exercise raises your fitness level. “No studies before have really […]

Chan Centre Presents Cécile McLorin Salvant

UBC experts available to comment on Vancouver School Board budget vote

UBC experts available to comment on Vancouver School Board budget vote

The Vancouver School Board votes tonight (April 28) on a budget that addresses a $24-million funding shortfall. UBC experts are available for comment.