UBC experts available to comment on Vancouver School Board budget vote

The Vancouver School Board votes tonight (April 28) on a budget that addresses a $24-million funding shortfall.

The following experts are available to comment:

Jason Ellis
Department of Educational Studies
Tel: 604.822.9190
Email: j.ellis@ubc.ca

  • History of education in B.C., Canada and the United States
  • Politics of education, especially school board politics

Hélène Frohard-Dourlent
Department of Sociology
Email: helenefd@alumni.ubc.ca

  • Effects of the proposed cuts on LGBT students and staff

Wayne Ross
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Tel: 604.822.2830
Email: wayne.ross@ubc.ca

  • Impact of cuts on teaching, learning, and teacher morale
  • Government funding of private schools

Michelle Stack
Department of Educational Studies
Tel: 604.369.7572
Email: michelle.stack@ubc.ca

  • Impact of funding cuts on students with disabilities, aboriginal students and others

Charles Ungerleider

Department of Educational Studies
Tel: 604-600-1040

  • Finance and governance of education in B.C.


Corey Allen
UBC Public Affairs
Tel: 604.822.2644
Cell: 604.209.3048
Email: corey.allen@ubc.ca