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Scientists use technology, bacteria to help prevent disease

New advances in genetic sequencing allow scientists to understand the role of bacteria living inside us to prevent or cure disease, reports Global News. Bill Mohn, a professor in UBC’s […]

Dental care should be part of basic health care: UBC study

A new UBC study concludes all Canadians, especially low-income Canadians, should have access to dental care as part of their basic health care coverage, reports the Vancouver Sun. The research […]

Ancient human sacrifice and our modern world

The Washington Post and New Scientist highlighted new research which showed that ritual human sacrifice played a big role in the development of inherited class systems. However, a few experts questioned the […]

Are you a ‘spring baby?’

Your birth season can influence your health and success later in life, says a new Huffington Post article. According to a UBC study that looked at CEOs’ birthdates, babies born […]

What you need to know about offshore dealings

A Canadian Press Q&A on the Panama Papers data leak quotes UBC law professor David Duff. According to Duff, while offshore companies can be used for business finance and estate planning, […]

Justin Trudeau’s budget

The federal budget lets down under-40 Canadians who were hoping for more jobs and better policies for their age group, according to Vice. Paul Kershaw, a UBC professor and founder […]

Pop songs are a stress test

Modern pop hooks work so well because they trigger a response programmed into our DNA, according to Inverse. One of the researchers who have looked at this phenomenon is UBC […]

Why medical marijuana should be exempt from sales tax

Medical marijuana should be exempt from sales taxes, according to members of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council patient advisory committee. In a Globe and Mail op-ed, the members cited UBC-funded […]

Report raises alarm over aging coast guard fleet

A report submitted to the Trudeau government last December highlights the problems faced by Canada’s aging coast guard fleet, according to the Globe and Mail. UBC professor and defence expert […]

B.C. hospital launches online tool to track concussion recovery

B.C. Children’s Hospital has launched a new online resource that offers guidance to teachers on recognizing concussions and managing recovery among students, the Globe and Mail reports. Concussions resolve without […]