‘Chemo brain’ is real, say UBC researchers

UBC researchers have measured the brain activity of breast cancer survivors who experience a foggy-headed feeling known as ‘chemo brain’ after treatment, where patients can find it difficult to concentrate.


Business, Law and Society


Is the Canadian dollar a petrocurrency?

Since last summer, the price of oil has plummeted to its lowest point in years – and so has the Canadian dollar, sparking debate as to how closely they’re linked.

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Arts and Humanities


Is the Cantonese language under threat?

The Cantonese language is spoken by millions around the globe, but UBC linguistics researcher Zoe Lam says societal and government pressures mean it could disappear within a couple generations.

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Science, Health and Technology


UBC students to take unmanned drones to national competition

University of British Columbia students are putting the finishing touches on an unmanned drone aircraft that they will enter in next week’s Unmanned Systems Canada Student Competition in Quebec.

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University News


Beyond the classroom: UBC’s international undergrads partner with local community groups

“A big part of it is that you’re helping yourself – you’re creating new experiences, you’re developing life skills, you’re learning so much,” says Kunashni Parikh. She’s part of a new annual program that links UBC’s international undergraduates with local community organizations.

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Why are so many new teachers burning out?


As the school year winds down, the anticipation of summer break is a welcome respite for many elementary and high school teachers.


Spring surprise: UBC expert on the effects of this year’s early spring


While most of Canada spent February and March buried under snowdrifts, the west coast has been enjoying cherry blossoms and balmy breezes for weeks.


How “time is money” thinking can hurt the environment: UBC research


Thinking “time is money” can be a barrier for people to act in environmentally friendly ways, even for tasks like recycling that take mere seconds, according to UBC research.




A new era of engagement in China

China is opening its doors to meaningful two-way engagement at an unprecedented level, says UBC President Arvind Gupta. Read more here...

Expert Spotlight

Nepal _560

Experts available to comment on Nepal earthquake

UBC researchers are available to speak about the earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015.

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UBC Athletics


State of the art baseball training facility coming to UBC

A state of the art training facility will soon be a reality for the UBC Thunderbirds baseball program and players across the Lower Mainland, thanks to an anonymous $3.5 million donation.

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Feature Video

Talk Data to Me

UBC statistician John Petkau’s research seeks to improve the evaluation of multiple sclerosis (MS) treatments.

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UBC Events

League of Lasers

  • Tue, April 28, 2015 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
  • UBC Graduate Student Centre