Future birth options should be discussed sooner after C-section: UBC study

As a researcher and community-based doula, Sarah Munro knows firsthand the difficult choice women face after having a C-section: whether to deliver their next baby vaginally or by C-section.


Business, Law and Society


How toxic handlers save workplaces from destruction

You’ve watched them comfort colleagues, defuse tense situations and take the heat from tough bosses. These toxic handlers voluntarily shoulder the sadness, frustration, bitterness and anger of others so that high-quality work continues to get done.

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Arts and Humanities


iPad apps teach kids just as well as humans: UBC study

Young children learn just as well from interactive media as from face-to-face instruction, a new University of British Columbia study has found.

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Science, Health and Technology


High altitudes hamper hummingbirds’ ability to manoeuvre: UBC research

Hummingbirds’ ability to accelerate and turn diminishes at high altitudes, but it isn’t a lack of oxygen to the body that limits the birds’ performance -- it’s physics.

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University News


Alumni donate $2 million to support UBC startups

Thanks to two $1-million contributions from alumni Greg Peet and Glenn Walsh, University of British Columbia ventures now have access to additional early-stage seed capital to help build their businesses.

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A traditional Japanese art inspires a futuristic innovation: brain ‘organoids’


The ancient Japanese art of flower arranging was the inspiration for a groundbreaking technique to create tiny “artificial brains” that could be used to develop personalized cancer treatments.


Researchers capture first glimpse of important, abundant ocean microbe


A rare microbe that was once thought to be insignificant has turned out to be one of the most abundant single-celled hunters in the ocean, and a team of researchers led by UBC have captured the first glimpse of


Ocean acidification study offers warnings for marine life, habitats


Acidification of the world’s oceans could drive a cascading loss of biodiversity in some marine habitats, according to research published today in Nature Climate Change.



Head transplant an unjustified ghoulish human experiment
The Vancouver Sun published an op-ed about head transplants by Judy Illes, a UBC professor of neurology, and researchers at the UBC National Core for Neuroethics.
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Expert Spotlight


UBC experts on first ministers meeting

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting with premiers and Indigenous leaders today to discuss a plan to combat climate change. Trudeau and the premiers also plan to discuss health care.

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UBC Athletics


A day of ‘Blue and Gold’ at the BC Sports Hall of Fame

Wednesday was a very ‘Blue and Gold’ day at the BC Sports Hall of Fame. Four inductees of the Class of 2017 were UBC Thunderbirds.

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Future birth options should be discussed sooner after C-section

British Columbia has the highest repeat C-section rates in Canada, with just 33 per cent of women eligible for VBACs between 2012 and 2013 attempting a vaginal birth.

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