Montreal households the greenest in Canada: UBC study

Montreal homes are the most sustainable in the country, and Edmonton’s the least, according to a new UBC study.


Business, Law and Society


The office can be a safe haven for women facing domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can be a barrier to career success for women, according to a new study from the UBC Sauder School of Business.

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Arts and Humanities


Why people hoard and how to provide compassionate help

Hoarding has been the subject of popular reality TV shows, but it’s a serious disorder that threatens people’s safety and can even land them on the streets.

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Science, Health and Technology


Evolution drives how fast plants could migrate with climate change: UBC study

New research from the University of British Columbia suggests evolution is a driving mechanism behind plant migration, and that scientists may be underestimating how quickly species can move.

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University News


Connected By Commitment Annual Report 2015-16

The year is summarized through a mix of storytelling and metrics that highlight the successes of our students, faculty, staff and alumni linked to the nine commitments of the university’s strategic plan Place and Promise.

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Songbirds’ epic migrations connected to a small cluster of genes


Scientists from the University of British Columbia have shown that there is a genetic basis to the migratory routes flown by songbirds, and have narrowed in on a relatively small cluster of genes that may govern the


Streetcar tracks increase risk of bike crashes: UBC and Ryerson study

streetcar bike_560

One-third of bike crashes in Toronto’s downtown involved the city’s streetcar tracks, according to a new study out of UBC and Ryerson University that suggests that separated bike routes could reduce risk to cyclists.


Scientists develop painless and inexpensive microneedle system to monitor drugs


Researchers at UBC and the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) in Switzerland have created a microneedle drug monitoring system that could one day replace costly, invasive blood draws and improve patient comfort.



Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed

Six UBC professors say that the speed limit increase on B.C.'s highways should be reversed to make roads safer.

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Expert Spotlight


How to keep young minds active this summer

As another school year comes to a close, the task of filling long, summer days lies ahead.

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UBC Athletics


Three more WHLers join UBC Thunderbirds hockey

The UBC men’s hockey team continues to bolster its line-up in the lead up to the 2016-17 CIS season.

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Feature Video

Rick Hansen on the Future of Accessibility

Rick challenges audiences to check their own attitudes and question the barriers to success that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

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UBC Events

Buddhism in the Global Eye: Beyond East and West

  • August 10-12, 2016
  • St. John’s College, 2111 Lower Mall, Point Grey Campus
We will re-examine the widely held assumption that modern Buddhism is Buddhism with Western characteristics and to attempt to map out a better paradigm for explaining the modernization of Buddhism.