Andrew 560

The Northern Gateway pipeline thought map

UBC's Andrew Barton creates an interactive map where anyone can share their thoughts on the project.


Business, Law and Society

Russell Lundholm 150

Foreign firms work harder to communicate than U.S. competitors

The farther from the United States, the more clearly companies communicate corporate performance, says a new study from the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business.

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Arts and Humanities

laptop 150

The new pulse of digital music

Music is supposed to make you move, but UBC’s Laptop Orchestra takes it to a whole other level.

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Science, Health and Technology

robot 150

Eye of the beholder – improving the human-robot connection

Researchers are programming robots to communicate with people using human-like body language and cues, an important step toward bringing robots into homes.

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University News

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Community and business leader Lindsay Gordon to be next UBC Chancellor

The University of British Columbia Board of Governors today appointed business and community leader, and double alumnus Lindsay Gordon to become the university's 18th chancellor on July 1, 2014.

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A peek inside admissions

Kate Ross

Registrar Kate Ross explains UBC's admissions process for prospective students.


Yeast provides genetic clues on drug response


Why do people respond differently to the same drug? Researchers are bringing us a step closer to predicting how a drug will affect us.


TV turns 75


The first television was introduced 75 years ago. UBC's Tiffany Potter looks at how it changed us, and how it will change in the future.



galloway 560
UBC Creative Writing Prof. Steven Galloway remembers Canadian author Alistair MacLeod in a Globe and Mail obituary. Read more...

Expert Spotlight

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UBC J-School a CUT above

Peter Klein discusses the global reporting project CUT and how it helped prepare students for the new media landscape.

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UBC Athletics

Canada West Volleyball (CIS): January 31, 2014 -  UBC Thunderbirds host Saskatchewanl

Volleyball player nominated for CIS athlete of the year

Lisa Barclay, a fourth-year outside hitter for the UBC Thunderbirds, is a finalist for the female CIS athlete of the year award.

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Feature Video

The UBC Laptop Orchestra

Pairing the arts and science, UBC’s Laptop Orchestra transforms the human body into a musical instrument.

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UBC Events

Special Fireside Chat with Snxakila (Clyde Tallio)

  • Wed Apr 23 2014, 7:30 PM - 9 PM
  • St. John's College
As the inaugural speaker for this series, Snxakila (Clyde Tallio) will talk about language and cultural strengthening initiatives in his community in Bella Coola.