Researchers develop new weapon for hard-to-treat bacterial infections

Health workers may soon have a new weapon in the fight against abscesses—difficult-to-treat bacterial infections that lead to millions of emergency-room visits every year.


Business, Law and Society


UBC and University of Toronto partner to launch western arm of leading tech venture accelerator

The UBC Sauder School of Business is launching the Western Canadian version of the Creative Destruction Lab, a successful seed-stage program based at UofT’s Rotman School of Management, to help high-technology ventures driven by university research maximize their commercial impact and benefit to society.

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Arts and Humanities


UBC expert on how politicians like Trump use hubris to achieve power

UBC psychology professor Jessica Tracy examines the role of pride in shaping our minds, and how pride helps politicians like Donald Trump attain power.

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Science, Health and Technology


UBC researchers discover how cancer’s ‘invisibility cloak’ works

UBC researchers have discovered how cancer cells become invisible to the body’s immune system, a crucial step that allows tumours to metastasize and spread throughout the body.

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University News


Former UBC president Stephen Toope nominated as 346th Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

UBC’s congratulates Prof. Toope, UBC’s 12th President and Vice-Chancellor from 2006 to 2014, who was known for his outstanding leadership, scholarship and community service.

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Researchers discover key genes for climate adaptation shared between distantly related trees

A lodgepole pine in the foreground with spruce forest in the background.

Despite 140 million years of independent evolution, two types of coniferous trees use the same small set of 47 genes to rapidly adapt to varying climates, according to an international team of forestry researchers.


Structure of UBC’s tall wood building now complete


The mass wood structure and façade has been completed for UBC’s Brock Commons student residence four months ahead of schedule, showcasing the advantages of building with wood.


Bike trips up, car use down along Vancouver greenway


The two-kilometre Comox-Helmcken Greenway in downtown Vancouver cost more than $5 million and took two years to complete, but the time and expense were worth it, according to a UBC study.



Outrageousness is Trump’s trump card
USA Today published an op-ed by Jessica Tracy, a UBC psychology professor, detailing why the absurd actions of Donald Trump have contributed to his success.
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Expert Spotlight


New smart road technology connects rural communities 

A rural village in India has a better connection to the world, thanks to an innovative UBC-developed road design that resists heavy rains, intense heat and poor drainage.

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UBC Athletics


Fifteen MLB teams look at the 2016-17 Thunderbirds during UBC ‘Scout Day’

Scouts got a chance to see the 2016 crop of Thunderbirds up close, as they went through fitness drills and batting practice.

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Feature Video

Tips on preventing Alzheimer’s disease

Many go online to seek out medical information on preventing diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, but much of the information is inaccurate.

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UBC Events

UBC Opera: The Singer Behind the Song with Ben Heppner

  • Thursday, September 29, 2016 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
The Singer Behind the Song: UBC Opera Ensemble Roundtable Discussion – An inspiring evening of insight into the dramatic voice with special guest Ben Heppner and members of the UBC Opera Ensemble. Click here to learn more.