Borrowing the farm

Young farmers, often with university degrees, find alternative models to gain access to land.


Business, Law and Society

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Study reveals ‘unhappiest’ cities in the U.S.

New research identifies the unhappiest cities in the U.S., but finds some young people are still willing to relocate to them for a good job opportunity or lower housing prices.

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Arts and Humanities

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Co-ops can be a ‘golden ticket’ for career success

Whether at Facebook, Google or local charities, students are discovering work they love through UBC’s co-op program.

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Science, Health and Technology

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Mixed genes mix up the migrations of hybrid birds

Mixed genes appear to drive hybrid birds to select more difficult routes than their parent species, according to new research from UBC zoologists.

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University News


New science camp sparks eureka moments

The MiniMinds summer camp helps the youngest of students discover the wonders of science.

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Hitting the road, safely

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As vacationers embark on summer road trips, a UBC prof talks about new ways for making the highways and byways collision free.


The return of El Niño

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A UBC expert says an El Niño this year could be warmer than usual and have harsh consequences for world farmers.


GPS and cell phones monitor African elephants in real time

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A UBC PhD student has built a sophisticated tracking system that collects, analyzes and reports on the activities of nearly 100 African elephants in an effort to protect these threatened animals and understand their



traffic jam

Reduce limits if harm increases

In a letter to the editor of The Vancouver Sun, a UBC associate prof says that while not all car crashes are caused by speeding, resultant injuries are caused by speed. Read more...

Expert Spotlight

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Teach your children well

A UBC expert reflects on how education has changed during her 46-year career and how some things have remained the same.

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UBC Athletics

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More than two dozen T-Birds to star at the Commonwealth Games

The UBC Thunderbirds varsity athletics program will be well represented at the 20th Commonwealth Games, which begin July 23 in Scotland.

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Feature Video

Save the Elephants

How Save the Elephants uses Google Earth software to track the movements of African elephants in Kenya and across Africa.

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UBC Events

Faculty of Education's 25th Anniversary Celebration

  • Fri Jul 25 2014 - Sat Jul 26 2014, all day
  • Okanagan campus
A celebration of 25 years of a teacher education program in the Okanagan. A wine and cheese event on Friday will be followed by a lunch barbeque on Saturday.