UBC experts on heat

With temperatures set to rise across the province, the B.C. government has announced new measures to increase resiliency to heat events. UBC experts are available in the coming weeks to comment on heat-related topics.

PhD Student, Dept. of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Email: ladmasu@eoas.ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Heatwaves, mechanisms and forecast

* Limited availability June 4-7

Professor, School of Population and Public Health

phone: 604-999-6838

Email: michael.brauer@ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Health impacts of extreme heat
  • Air pollution, air quality and health
  • Preventive measures, climate adaptation, urban greenspace benefits
  • Health of seniors

* Unavailable June 17-24

Professor and Head, UBC Respiratory Medicine, Department of Medicine

Tel: 604-839-1561

Email: christopher.carlsten@ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Respiratory problems, health effects of heat waves, climate change
  • Air pollution and air quality
Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Heart, Lung & Vascular Health, UBC Okanagan

Email: j.carr@alumni.ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health
  • Neuronal control of breathing
Canada Research Chair (Tier II, Ocean Sustainability and Global Change), Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries

Tel: 778-837-7252

Email: w.cheung@oceans.ubc.ca

Interview languages: English, Cantonese


  • Oceans and fisheries

* Unavailable June 4-11 and 24 -28

Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing

phone: 604-822-7447

Email: wendy.hall@ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Heat exposure and effects on sleep
  • Ways to reduce body temperature, particularly when individuals do not have access to air conditioners or cross-ventilation

* Limited availability June 3-13

Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Dermatology & Skin Science

Tel: 604-218-6761

Email: info@vancouverskinmd.com

Interview languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin


  • Sun protection and sunscreen
  • Impact of heat and wildfire smoke on skin and hair
  • Practical tips to protect skin and hair from sun, heat and wildfire smoke
Professor, Dept. of Dermatology and Skin Science

Email: harvey.lui@ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Sun and UV protection
Associate Professor, Dept. of Forest Resources Management, Urban Forest Research Hub

Email: melissa.mchale@ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Increased urban heating, urban heat island effect
  • Climate-resilient communities, heat mitigation at human relevant scales, equity and heat
  • Nature-based solutions for cooling, landscaping choices and heat, energy, and water consumption tradeoffs

* Available after June 7

Associate Director, UBC Botanical Garden

phone: 604-690-5375

Email: tara.moreau@ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Tips for gardening in a drought, sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation and resilience in plants

* Unavailable after June 19

Assistant Professor, Department of Forest Resources Management

Email: lorien.nesbitt@ubc.ca

Interview languages: English, Spanish


  • Urban trees, nature-based solutions, environmental justice, community-based planning for climate change
Sea Around Us Principal Investigator and Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries

phone: 604-822-1201

Email: d.pauly@oceans.ubc.ca

Interview languages: English, French, German


  • Oceans and fisheries
  • Climate change-induced fish kills
  • Marine heatwaves
  • Impacts of climate change on fish growth and reproduction

* Unavailable June 20-26, July 22-26

Professor, Biodiversity Research Centre, Dept. of Forest and Conservation Sciences

Tel: 604-822-6586

Email: john.richardson@ubc.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Impacts on freshwater life and terrestrial wildlife and plants
  • Impact on the evaporation of water from the land and reservoirs, lakes and streams
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Population and Public Health

Tel: 604-875-4375

Email: michael.schwandt@vch.ca

Interview languages: English


  • Health impacts of wildfire smoke
  • Community and personal actions for health protection
  • Health equity considerations
Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, UBC Okanagan

Tel: 236-865-7531
Email: babak.tosarkani@ubc.ca
Interview languages: English

  • Emergency supply chain preparedness, disaster relief operations