UBC experts on 2024 B.C. budget

The B.C. government is to present its 2024 budget on Thursday. UBC experts are available to comment on related topics.

Dr. Thomas Davidoff
Associate Professor, UBC Sauder School of Business
Email: thomas.davidoff@sauder.ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Housing policy and affordability, municipal finance

Dr. Jason Ellis
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies
Tel: 604-822-9190
Email: j.ellis@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English, French

  • K-12 education spending

Dr. Penny Gurstein
Professor Emeritus, School of Community and Regional Planning
Email: penny.gurstein@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Affordable housing

Dr. Kathryn Harrison (she/her)
Professor, Department of Political Science
Tel: 778-968-4923
Email: kathryn.harrison@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Climate policy

*available after 9 a.m. PT on weekdays

Dr. Rita McCracken (she/her)
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Practice
Tel: 778-996-6894
Email: rita.mccracken@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Primary care, physician payment models

*limited availability on Feb. 22

Dr. Gregory Paradis (he/him)
Assistant Professor, Department of Forest Resources Management
Tel: 418-456-2208 (please text first)
Email: gregory.paradis@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English, French

  • New budget announcements and forest management in B.C.

Dr. John Richardson
Professor, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences
Tel: 604-822-6586
Email: john.richardson@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Water, biodiversity, endangered species, forests

Dr. Jason Sutherland
Professor, School of Population and Public Health
Tel: 604-375-6837
Email: jason.sutherland@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Spending on healthcare services, how money is spent on healthcare, where it’s spent on healthcare, access to care, outcomes from surgery, comparisons with other health systems/provinces

*available 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. PT

Dr. Allan Tupper
Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science
Tel: 604-827-3387
Email: allan.tupper@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Canadian politics, Canadian federalism, public management (program delivery), political ethics

*available Feb. 22 only, until 3:15 p.mPT