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The most beautiful university residences In Canada

A Huffington Post list of the most striking student residences in Canada included UBC’s Ponderosa Commons. The building has 1,150 beds and serves mainly upper-year and graduate students.

Canadian company puts touchless tool in doctors’ hands

A Business in Vancouver article that appeared in the South China Morning Post profiled NZ Technologies, a technology firm founded by UBC PhD graduate Nima Ziraknejad. NZ Technologies’ interactive device […]

The Canadian legacy of the life and death of Alan Kurdi

A Yahoo Canada story discussed the impact of the death of three-year-old Alan Kurdi on the dialogue around Syrian refugees. The article quoted Dan Hiebert, a UBC expert in international migration who […]

Journey through Northwest Passage draws excitement, fears

Global News reported on the 32-day voyage of a giant cruise ship through the Arctic. Experts like UBC’s Michael Byers, who studies Arctic sovereignty and the environment, worry that the […]

Canadian support for China free-trade deal growing: poll

The Globe and Mail reported on a new poll that shows that 46 per cent of Canadians would support a free trade agreement with China, up from 36 per cent […]

UBC study finds unexpected link between glaucoma and impotence

A new UBC study has found that glaucoma and impotence are linked, reports the National Post. Researchers found that glaucoma patients were 2.58 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction […]

Could Donald Trump happen in Canada?

A Maclean’s article examining the rise of destructive and anti-immigrant politics quoted UBC economics professor David Green. Green believes that Canada has been insulated from xenophobia by its recent resource […]

I tweeted about Harper. Then the Twitter bots attacked

Benjamin Perrin, a professor at UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law, wrote about his first-hand experience with political bots, automated fake Twitter accounts set up to attack Twitter users […]

For Santa Ono, an inexorable pull toward home

A profile of new UBC president Santa Ono by the Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted Ono’s desire to return to his Vancouver roots and his experiences as president of the […]

The time is right to spark easier electronic-cigarette access

Mark Tyndall, executive medical director of the B.C. Centre for Disease Control and a UBC professor, called for easier access to e-cigarettes to provide chronic smokers with a healthier alternative. […]

UBC takes housing fee from thousands they will likely never house

CBC quoted Andrew Parr, UBC’s managing director of student housing, for an article on the $50 housing fee charged to all students who apply for housing. “We haven’t heard of it being […]

Airbnb offers cash incentive to first-time hosts in Vancouver

CBC quoted Thomas Davidoff, a UBC economics professor, for a story on a Airbnb cash incentive for Metro Vancouver and Toronto. The company recently announced a $250 cash bonus to […]

Why do crows attack?

Wayne Goodey, a UBC zoology lecturer, was interviewed for a CTV story on the reasons for crow attacks in Vancouver. “A lot of the cases of running dive-bombing are women […]

Medical students get new tool

CTV reported on a touch screen table used for virtual surgery and studying disease at UBC’s medical school. “What we can do with the anatomy table is take more strategic […]

Smoking cannabis makes you lazy, study suggests

The Independent highlighted UBC research that found THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, makes rats less likely to exert the cognitive effort needed for tough tasks. “Perhaps unsurprisingly, we […]

Experts meet in Galápagos to brainstorm ocean sustainability

National Geographic mentioned Daniel Pauly, a professor at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, who will be participating in an international meeting on ocean sustainability. The goal of the […]

New wood: how it will change our sky

The Sydney Morning Herald mentioned UBC’s wooden student residence for a story on the increasing number of towers being constructed out of wood around the world. UBC’s 18-storey building is […]

Why physical fitness is key to your career

The Philippine Star mentioned UBC research for a story on the benefits of physical fitness when it comes to your professional career. The 2014 research from UBC’s department of physical […]

Even birds have evil stepdads

The New Zealand Herald featured research by Martha Nelson-Flower, a postdoctoral fellow at UBC’s faculty of forestry, on favouritism in relationships between an African desert-dwelling male bird and their offspring. […]

Federal programs can do more for dental health in North

CBC featured a UBC study that calls on the federal government to expand a program preventing tooth decay in remote Inuit and First Nations communities. Health Canada’s program called the Children’s Oral […]