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One of the world’s biggest fisheries is on the verge of collapse

A new National Geographic article focused on the threat posed by overfishing in the South China Sea. The article mentioned a 2015 report by UBC’s Rashid Sumaila and William Cheung, […]

Folic acid-fortified food could prevent birth heart defects

A new UBC study suggests adding folic acid to food could help reduce birth heart defects, reports Tech Times. Canada started fortifying cornmeal and all varieties of flour in 1998. The […]

Canada intends to join controversial Chinese infrastructure bank

Paul Evans of UBC’s Institute for Asian Research was interviewed by the Canadian Press about Canada’s plans to join a controversial China-led international infrastructure bank. According to Evans, most officials […]

UBC’s autonomous sailboat drifting in the Atlantic

The stalled journey of Ada, an autonomous sailboat designed by UBC students, was covered by Global News, CTV News, Vancouver Sun and The Province. Ada is currently drifting in the […]

Why China needs to talk trade with Canada

The importance of Canada’s trading relationship with China was underscored in a new Global News story. The article quoted Yves Tiberghien, director of UBC’s Institute of Asian Research as saying […]

Four lessons learned from a summer on the Street

UBC MBA student Aubrey Chapnick extolled the value of summer internships in an article for the Globe and Mail. Drawing from his experiences as an intern in investment banking and […]

Federal programs can do more for dental health in North

Researchers are calling on Ottawa to expand the Children’s Oral Health Initiative, which helps prevent tooth decay in remote Inuit and First Nations communities, reports CBC. The program is currently […]

Drugs and alcohol not the only sources of workplace impairment

Dr. Ray Baker, a clinical professor at the UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, spoke to the Journal of Commerce about workplace impairment. According to Baker, construction has one of the highest […]

Virtual anatomy tool for first-year UBC medical students

Global News highlighted a new virtual anatomy tool that helps first-year UBC medicine students learn. “We can take CT scans from patient data and load it onto the table. The […]

Airbnb signing bonus could eat into rental housing stock

Airbnb’s offer of a signing bonus for new hosts could further reduce Vancouver’s rental housing, reports Business in Vancouver. The article notes that short-term rentals like Airbnb could also help […]

‘Inevitable’ redevelopment leaves renters insecure

Craig Jones, a geography PhD candidate at UBC, was quoted in a Tyee article on Burnaby’s building boom. Redevelopment threatens lower-income renters although it may eventually create housing and amenities […]

UBC researcher creates device to reduce car emissions

A UBC researcher has developed a valve that could help reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel economy, reports 24 Hours Vancouver. “People have known that having a device like that […]

Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson: The Last Waves

Mechanical failure sends UBC Sailbot off course

A mechanical failure has driven a self-sailing boat developed by UBC students off course and adrift far from shore, reports CBC Newfoundland. The five-metre autonomous boat was making great progress […]

Getting kids back on a sleep schedule in time for school

Global BC interviewed UBC sleep expert and nursing professor Wendy Hall for a segment on the importance of getting kids back to a sleep routine in time for the school […]

Foreign students make a big impact on Vancouver

Foreign students are changing Metro Vancouver, according to a new Vancouver Sun article. The article talked about the construction of the Orchard Commons complex at UBC, which will house two […]

UBC’s billion-dollar trust fund baby

A new Business in Vancouver article highlights the role of UBC Properties Trust in managing more than $2 billion in development projects on UBC’s endowment lands this past decade. UBC’s […]

Folic acid helps babies’ hearts

The Daily Mail highlighted new UBC research showing that food containing folic reduces the number of babies born with heart defects by 11 per cent. The researchers studied data on […]