UBC rallying to support Canada’s response to COVID-19

From students supporting frontline workers to researchers developing potential treatments and vaccines, here are just some of the ways the UBC community is doing its part to combat the global pandemic.

Drug can significantly block early stages of COVID-19 in engineered human tissues

UBC researchers are responding to COVID-19.

Research on COVID-19

UBC researchers are working to develop treatments and prevent the spread of COVID-19, bringing multi-faceted approaches to gain a deeper understanding of its impacts, and its cultural, social and historical context.

Meet the researchers and learn more about their projects responding to the COVID-19 outbreak across all disciplines.

Stories of UBC COVID-19 research

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Second-year law student Kiera Stel works at the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic in downtown Vancouver in February, before the COVID-19 crisis began. Stel and her classmates have continued to serve clients remotely.

Making a difference in the community

COVID-19 may have changed every aspect of life as we know it—but it is also restoring our collective faith in humanity as stories emerge of people quietly lending a helping hand in their communities.

Among them are many UBC students, faculty, alumni and staff.

This series, called Making a difference, shines a spotlight on the many ways—both big and small—that UBC community members are helping with the response to COVID-19.

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UBC experts available to answer questions about COVID-19.

UBC experts on COVID-19

UBC experts are available for media interviews on COVID-19 and various topics related to the outbreak, including public health, mental health, mathematics and disease modelling, business and economics, and remote working and learning.

Q&A’s with experts

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