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‘The age of impulse’: G20 leaders meet as world order is rocked by a clash between giants

Yves Tiberghien, a professor at UBC’s department of political science, was mentioned in a CBC article about the upcoming G20 meeting. He spoke about Canadian detainees release and the U.S.-China […]

Making bad dogs worse? Lawyer questions policy that locks up dangerous canines

Victoria Shroff, a professor at Peter A. Allard School of Law School, was mentioned in a CBC article about Punky, an Australian cattle dog that attacked a stranger in a […]

New technologies for the brain require ethical approaches to innovation

The Conversation published an op-ed co-written by Judy Illes, a professor of neurology and Chair of Neuroethics Canada at UBC, about innovations and ethics of brain technologies.

Babies able to associate language with ethnicity: UBC study

A study about the relationship between language and ethnicity published by UBC was featured in a CTV article. Lillian May, a lecturer at UBC’s department of psychology, explained that babies […]

‘Old age is an excellent time for outrage,’ comedian Mary Walsh tells ideacity audience

Christa Hoy, a research manager at UBC centre for hip health and mobility, was quoted in an Ottawa Citizen article about age and gender equality.

Is the ‘summer slide’ real?

CTV interviewed Susan Gerofsky, a professor of mathematics education at UBC, about academic engagement of children over the summer.

Blame ‘sexism’ and climate change for making your asthma and allergies worse

Christopher Carlsten, a professor at UBC’s department of medicine, spoke to Global about the asthma experience when exposed to multiple pollutants. “In the most susceptible individuals, their airflow can drop […]

Immigration’s impact on home prices hard to quantify — until you take it away

Tsur Somerville, a professor at UBC Sauder School of Business, was mentioned in a Financial Post article about population growth and its impact on housing markets.

Thousands of tabs of addictive opioids stolen from VGH last year

Mark Haden, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, spoke to Vancouver Sun about the nature of addiction and accessibility of drugs. The article also appeared in […]

Classical music: VSO Institute a highlight of Canada Day weekend concerts

UBC Chamber Orchestra Festival was mentioned in the Province. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra music director Otto Tausk will lead the student ensemble at the UBC Chan Centre for the Performing Arts […]

Music participation is linked to teens’ academic achievement

Psychology Today cited research led by Peter Gouzouasis, a professor of music education in UBC’s department of curriculum and pedagogy, which found that students who take music courses perform better […]

An appetite for dried seahorse in China could spell the marine animal’s demise

The China Post mentioned UBC research which looked at seahorse imports, and quoted Sarah Foster, a program manager of Project Seahorse at UBC. “What we have now is a situation […]

Program for criminalized women survivors of gender-based violence gets $1M in funding

UBC youth sexual health team was mentioned in a News 1130 article about the new government funding on gender-based violence.

Himalayan Indigenous languages

Tsering Shakya, a professor of religion and contemporary society in Asia at UBC, was interviewed on ABC about Himalayan languages.

Kids suing governments about climate: It’s a global trend

David Boyd, a professor at UBC’s institute for resources, environment and sustainability, spoke to National Geographic about environmental rights.

Governments’ failure to control deer disease risks trade, health and wildlife, experts warn

Neil Cashman, a professor at UBC’ department of medicine, was mentioned in The Tyee as one of the signatories for a call-to-action letter to control the spread of chronic wasting […]

The US is picking a fight with Canada over a thawing Arctic shipping route

Quartz spoke to Michael Byers, a professor at UBC’s department of political science, about the Northwest Passage and climate change. “Climate change is now opening the possibility of other types […]

China, prosperity, and stereotypes that won’t die

Henry Yu, a professor at UBC’s department of history, was mentioned in The Walrus about life as a Chinese-Canadian.

Death at the South Pole: the mystery of Antarctica’s unsolved poisoning case

Peter Suedfeld, a professor emeritus at UBC’s department of psychology, was mentioned in a Mental Floss article about death and crime in Antarctica. The article also appeared in MSN.