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‘I realized how much power I held’: Climate change workshops offer high school students hope for the future

CBC interviewed Grace Nosek, a PhD student at UBC, who has created a workshop for climate change awareness. The aim is to give high school students hope and empowerment for […]

Video game loot boxes look a lot like gambling, UBC study finds

Global News spoke to Gabriel Brooks, a PhD student at the UBC centre for gambling research, about a new study which found a link between loot boxes and risk-taking at […]

Province-wide tuition waiver gives former foster kids fighting chance at a post-secondary education

Vancouver Courier mentioned UBC in an article about tuition waivers. The article also appeared in Richmond News and the Delta Optimist.

Nature crisis: Humans ‘threaten 1m species with extinction’

The BBC quoted Kai Chan, a professor at the institute for resources, environment and sustainability, in an article about a UN report on the future of humanity. “Few governments fully […]

Psych meds may be affected by Ramadan fasting, Canadian doctor says

Ali Reza Ladak, a lecturer in pharmaceutical sciences at UBC, spoke to the Canadian Press about fasting during Ramadan and the need for health-care providers to discuss medication plans with […]

Does parenting even matter?

Today’s Parent mentioned a 2017 study from UBC which looked at how cuddling children when they are babies improves their resilience in later life by changing the genetic makeup on […]

Energy industry, legal experts push back against Kenney’s B.C. pledge

Joel Bakan, a law professor at UBC, spoke to the Globe and Mail about Jason Kenney’s attack on B.C.

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion may not ease B.C. gas prices — here’s why

Joel Bakan, a constitutional law expert at UBC, spoke to CBC about gas prices and the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. The article also appeared in Yahoo.

A deep dive into something new

Research2Reality interviewed Ron Rensink, a professor in the departments of computer science and psychology at UBC, about his research into a phenomenon known as “change blindness.”

Canadian study finds no mental health benefits to eating human placenta

The Canadian Press reported on a study which found consuming placenta has no benefits to mental health. Jehannine Austin, the lead investigator and a professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, […]

Peanut allergies: Research shows ‘oral immunotherapy’ is safe for preschoolers

The Conversation published an op-ed by Edmond Chan, a pediatric allergist and professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine. Chan writes about his and other research into oral immunotherapy.

Eat dirt, live healthier: the paradox of super cleanliness

An article in The Star about obsessive cleanliness and health cited research by pediatric allergist and UBC professor Edmond Chan.

There’s a new tool to help people with food allergies

Radio NL spoke to Victoria Cook, an instructor in pediatrics clinical immunology and allergies at UBC, about a newly developed online tool to help diagnose allergies.

The marathoner’s secret to a long and healthy life

The Vancouver Sun published an op-ed by Dan Levitt, an adjunct professor of nursing at UBC, about the benefits of running. The piece also appeared in The Province.

Still hard to believe Butts on SNC-Lavalin affair

The Toronto Sun mentioned Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, a UBC law professor, in an article about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

B.C. has a whopping 1,807 species at risk of extinction — but no rules to protect them

Several UBC professors signed an open letter published in The Narwhal about the number of endangered species in B.C. and the government’s failure to protect them. Signatories were Tara Martin, […]