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B.C. sees biggest changes in maternal age — researchers blame housing prices

CBC spoke to Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health and founder of advocacy group Generation Squeeze, about the connection between the age of first-time […]

Gas prices and transit ridership at record highs in Metro Vancouver – and the two are related

Werner Antweiler, a professor of economics at UBC, spoke to CBC about high gas prices and transit use. The article also appeared on MSN.

Why we need to pause before claiming cultural appropriation

The Guardian quoted Daniel Heath Justice, a Cherokee professor of Indigenous studies at UBC, in an article about cultural appropriation.

Window changes on UBC campus reflect brighter future for birds

CBC reported on work by UBC to prevent birds dying by flying into windows. Penny Martyn, the manager of green buildings on campus, explained how the university is making the […]

How to get an “emotional boost” when giving to others

Elizabeth Dunn, a UBC professor of psychology, spoke to CBS about her recent TED Talk on spending money.

Peanut therapy for allergic kids may sound promising but has risks

CTV reported on a new study that found peanut therapy still carries more risks than doctors believe. The story cited similar research done at UBC.

The student guide to sustainability

Shakti Ramkumar, a member of UBC’s Sustainability Collective student group, contributed to a Times Higher Education article about how to live a sustainable life.

Chan Centre announces 2019-20 season

The Vancouver Sun reported on the 2019-20 season at the Chan Centre. The article also appeared in The Province.

Researchers study strategies for talking to teens about substance use

Several media outlets published articles about a UBC study which looked at teens’ response to messaging about alcohol and drugs. Emily Jenkins, a UBC professor of nursing, explained the findings. Articles […]

Tissue-printing firm muscles into B.C.’s top biotech

Business in Vancouver reported on Aspect Biosystems, a UBC spinoff startup specializing in human tissue technology.

Cosmic conundrum: Just how fast is the universe expanding?

Gary Hinshaw, a professor at UBC’s department of physics and astronomy, spoke to Astronomy about the expansion rate of the universe.

Scientists discover nearly 200,000 kinds of ocean viruses

Quanta spoke to Curtis Suttle, a microbial ecologist at UBC, about viruses in seawater. Suttle explained why the findings are important to understanding the role of viruses in global processes. […]

Information warfare is here to stay

Heidi Tworek, a professor of history at UBC, wrote an article for Foreign Affairs about information warfare.

Kindness: What I’ve learned from 3,000 children and adolescents

The Conversation published an op-ed by John-Tyler Binfet, a professor at UBC’s faculty of education, about kindness in children and adolescents.

Why the southern resident killer whales should have the same rights as people

The National Post published an op-ed by Linda Nowlan, a UBC law professor, about the need for killers whales to have legal rights. The article first appeared in The Conversation.

How real families use food stamps

Politico published an article co-written by Sinikka Elliott, a professor of sociology at UBC, about the use of food stamps.

Many B.C. summer camps specialize in helping kids adapt to modern economy, but it wasn’t always this way

A Georgia Straight article about children’s summer camps mentioned Leslie Paris, a UBC professor of history who has written a book about the history of summer camps. The story also mentioned […]

Moms don’t want phones at the table this Mother’s Day

The Toronto Sun cited a study from UBC’s department of psychology which found that restaurant diners enjoy the experience less if they are using a smartphone. Ryan Dwyer, the lead […]