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These wasps hijack spiders’ brains and make them do their bidding

Smithsonian reported on researchers from UBC who discovered a species of wasp that can turn a type of spider into a zombie-like drone. Philippe Fernandez-Fournier, lead author of the study, […]

Conversations That Matter: The legacy of a B.C. Nobel winner

Vancouver Sun published an article about Michael Smith, the Nobel prize-winning chemist who donated his prize money – and gave his name – to the Michael Smith Laboratories at UBC. […]

Hope on climate change doesn’t come easily — but action isn’t futile

CBC published an op-ed by Grace Nosek, a PhD student at UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law, and a founding member of the UBC Climate Hub. Nosek writes about positive […]

UBCO sociology class calls on Kelowna Chiefs to change “derogatory” name

Kelowna Capital News reported that a sociology class at UBC’s Okanagan campus are calling on the Kelowna Chiefs to change their name because they believe it is racially insensitive.

Fred Lee’s Social Network: Celebrating the achievements of UBC’s alumni

Vancouver Sun reported on the 2018 UBC Achievement Awards which celebrated the work of UBC alumni Kahlil Baker, Gerry Burch, Charles Laszlo, Charles Fipke, Kathryn Shoemaker, James McEwen, Nemkumar Banthia and […]

UBC Okanagan to host discussion about Nobel Prize winners

An article about the upcoming UBC Okanagan Nobel Night appeared in Kelowna Capital News. The event will feature faculty members speaking about the relevance and importance of the awards.

Nassif Ghoussoub: Why I am voting against the tuition increases for domestic students

Georgia Straight published an op-ed by Nassif Ghoussoub, a UBC board member, who argues that government-appointed board members should not accept higher tuition fees for domestic students.

Coming Dec. 4: La Conversation Canada

The Conversation reported that a French language edition of the journalism publication will begin on Dec. 4. The Canadian edition was founded by professors Mary Lynn Young and Alfred Hermida […]