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B.C. nurses fight for access to PTSD labour laws

Elizabeth Saewyc, a professor and director of the UBC School of Nursing, talked about nursing training for a CBC story on nurses’ access to PTSD treatment. “The goal is to provide effective […]

Douglas Todd: Canada’s campuses increasingly divided

A Vancouver Sun column discussed a new book that explored campus incidents across Canada. The book focused on incidents involving gender, race and sexuality at Canadian campuses and mentioned UBC.

Gas prices: good for the earth, tough on working families

Star Metro interviewed UBC environmental and resource economics professor Sumeet Gulati for a story on higher gas prices in Vancouver. Gulati said higher prices could be positive for the environment […]

Getting into spats with co-workers? Try mindfulness

Star Metro reported on a UBC study that shows mindfulness can help employees take work stress out on the people around them and avoid conflict altogether. “When the whole team […]

Sweeping changes coming to Vancouver’s nightlife

UBC urban planning graduate Robert Catherall was quoted in a Vancouver Courier story on new measures affecting nightlife in Vancouver. Catherall spoke about London’s experience with nightlife and a night […]

Midland painted turtle considered to be at-risk

Eric Taylor, a UBC professor and chair of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, was interviewed for a CBC Windsor story on the midland painted turtle, […]

City infrastructure can contribute to physical activity and fitness

The Regina Leader Post reported on a report co-authored by UBC kinesiology professor Guy Faulkner. The report assessed how 17 Saskatchewan cities and towns promoted physical activity.

How the mindset of designers can make us better leaders

The National Post ran an op-ed by Moura Quayle, director, pro tem, UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs and a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, […]

The gambler who cracked the horse-racing code

William Ziemba, a professor emeritus at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, was quoted in a Bloomberg story on horse racing. Ziemba studied the Hong Kong syndicates.

20 questions with Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

The Globe and Mail interviewed Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, B.C.’s former child and youth advocate who now leads UBC’s Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre. An Indigenous lawyer and former […]

Mars Mission launching Saturday

CBC and Motherboard reported on the May 5 launch of NASA’s Mars InSight, the first interplanetary mission to lift off from the West Coast. Catherine Johnson, a UBC professor, is […]

Vancouver school tax protesters turn their anger on UBC prof

Global reported on complaints against UBC professor Thomas Davidoff, who has spoken about B.C. tax policy. The story also reported on UBC’s support for Davidoff. Davidoff was interviewed on the […]

How Canadian NHL teams beat their U.S. counterparts off the ice

James Brander, a professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, was quoted in a Financial Post story that compared U.S. and Canadian sport franchises. “Fans all over Canada will watch […]

Student tips for surviving life on campus

A new Maclean’s article talked about the best places at UBC to study, grab a cheap lunch or greasy breakfast. It also discussed school traditions and recreational activities,