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Oceans under greatest threat in history, warns David Attenborough

The Guardian interviewed Daniel Pauly, who leads UBC’s Sea Around Us program, about the television series Blue Planet 2. Pauly said ocean acidification could be terminal for many species.

Women get mixed messages about sexuality after childbirth

Reuters quoted Kathrin Stoll, a UBC researcher, in a story about a report that suggests women receive mixed messages about how giving birth may affect their sex lives. Stoll, who was not […]

We’ve not found aliens yet, so let’s listen for different signals

Wired interviewed Jaymie Matthews, a UBC professor of astrophysics, about new attempts to communicate with aliens. He said the next steps are to “listen to more stars, at greater distances, […]

Could sex robots result in happier marriages?

Inverse quoted an essay by Marina Adshade, a UBC economics lecturer, in an article about sex robots. “The current demand for new marital systems is just as likely to drive […]

UBC’s lesser-known history

CBC reported that UBC archivist Sheldon Goldfarb has released a new book about a century of student life at UBC. The book is called The Hundred Year Trek: A History […]

China, Canada need ‘political trust’ Xi Jinping tells Trudeau

Yves Tiberghien, the director of UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, was quoted in a South China Morning Post story about Canada-China relations. He said Canada understood the need to broaden […]

UBC survey says health and safety are issues for trans youth

The Canadian Press reported on a UBC study that suggests safety, exposure to violence and discrimination are major issues for transgender youth in Canada. The researchers, led by UBC nursing […]

Grant for research team to treat fibromyalgia patients

Global reported on a grant that will help UBC researchers who are working to help fibromyalgia patients. “It is really important because otherwise we don’t have those opportunities to be […]

Fun, and other words, describe The Realistic Joneses

Charlie Siegel, a UBC theatre professor emeritus, was interviewed in The Province about his performance in The Realistic Joneses. Siegel directs and acts in the production.

In Focus: Barb Marcolin

Kelowna Now profiled Barb Marcolin, a professor in the faculty of management at UBC’s Okanagan campus. She said her professional goals are “learning, researching new evidence for what works, and […]

Holiday Central 2017 at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre


Potter: A free-trade deal with China needs clear, enforceable rules

The Province published an op-ed by Pitman B. Potter, a UBC law professor, about Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to China to discuss the possibility of a future bilateral free trade […]

Supporting Indigenous students on campus

Maclean’s interviewed Meika Taylor, associate director of strategic Aboriginal initiatives, and Linc Kesler, First Nations House of Learning director, about some of UBC’s efforts to support Indigenous students.

Community Calendar: Concerts and meetings

Kelowna Capital News reported that Lael Parrott, a professor of biology and earth and environmental sciences at UBC’s Okanagan campus, will give a presentation about the Okanagan Mountain to Kalamalka […]

Black in Halifax: Mother of innocent shooting victim speaks out

Metro News quoted Benjamin Perrin, a UBC law professor, in a story about crime in Nova Scotia. “Nova Scotia has the unfortunate distinction of providing one of the lowest levels […]

The 91 most important economic charts to watch in 2018

Kevin Milligan, a UBC professor of economics, contributed to an economics guide in Maclean’s. Milligan contributed a chart about the upcoming demographic crunch time for our fiscal federation.

Show us the evidence

Vice interviewed Jonathan Page, a UBC botany professor, about a company that is claiming to have discovered a method of extracting cannabidiol from the hop plant. “As far as scientific […]

New rules mean B.C. could remain Canada’s weed capital

Vice mentioned a UBC study in a story about marijuana regulations in B.C. The study by researchers at UBC and Simon Fraser University found British Columbians consume between $443 million and […]