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UBC sweeps Canada West swimming titles

For the fifth year in a row, UBC Thunderbirds has won the men’s and women’s Canada West swimming championships.

Keeping score of ‘friends’ on social media may harm your health

The Conversation published an op-ed by Frances Chen, a UBC psychology professor, and Ashley Whillans at Harvard Business School about their research connecting social media posts and unhappiness. “Our research […]

Canada and climate change: Are sustainable cities for the rich?

The Vancouver Observer published an op-ed by David Champagne, a UBC sociology PhD candidate, about sustainable city policies. “Sustainable city policies can be more than greening measures that conceal current […]

Holiday Central 2017 at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

Holiday Central 2017 at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre   Monday-Saturday Until December 23, 2017 This December, the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre (6163 University Boulevard, UBC’s Vancouver campus) […]

New microbes named after Rush members

UPI mentioned UBC’s Keeling Lab in an article about new microorganisms found in termites. Microbiology researchers affiliated with the UBC lab discovered the three new species of microbes and named […]

Scientists used drones to spy on whales’ beauty routine

Quartz featured UBC researchers who observed whales rubbing themselves on rocks to exfoliate in Canada’s Arctic. “We could clearly see these whales clustered around these boulders taking turns sloughing off […]

Harassment in the workplace

Jennifer Berdahl, a UBC professor of leadership studies, gender and diversity, was interviewed on CBC Radio’s Early Edition about a UBC event examining harassment in the workplace. She said she hopes the […]

Touch affects babies at molecular level, find researchers

Times of India featured UBC research that discovered the amount of close and comforting contact infants receive from their caregivers impacts children at the molecular level. Michael Kobor, a professor […]

Getting industry ready

The Tribune (India) mentioned UBC in a story about preparing for professional industries while at school. UBC runs five undergraduate programs related to natural resource management, from forest conservation to […]

LGBTQ2S+ apology

CBC Radio’s On the Coast interviewed John Paul Catungal, an instructor in critical race and ethnic studies at UBC’s Social Justice Institute, about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s planned formal apology on behalf […]

UBC researcher develops test to see what’s in your hamburger

Global reported on work by a UBC food science student that helps detect the molecular components in meat. Yaxi Hu developed technology that can identify foreign species in meat as well […]

To be happier, spend money on avoiding household chores

Forbes India reported on a UBC psychology study that suggests spending money to avoid household chores can lead to increased happiness. Ashley Whillans, now at Harvard Business School, carried out […]

Vancouver’s rental costs surge, vacancy drops: CMHC report

The Vancouver Sun quoted Tom Davidoff, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, about a new Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation report on Vancouver rental costs. Davidoff said growth in […]

Why companies should beware engaging in fake news

Huffington Post reported on a study from the UBC Sauder School of Business that found practices such as faking online reviews is not worth the risk. “This study showed that […]

8 benefits of Pilates that are often overlooked

Women’s Health cited research by Marie-Louise Bird, a UBC researcher and post-doctoral research fellow, in an article about the benefits of Pilates. Bird found that elderly participants undertaking five weeks […]

Scientist concedes controversial MS therapy is ‘largely ineffective’

Stat News quoted Anthony Traboulsee, a UBC professor of neurology, in a story about a controversial therapy for multiple sclerosis. Canadian researchers reported on a large study on the treatment […]

UBC’s $100 million fundraiser

Sing Tao Vancouver reported on UBC’s Blue & Gold fundraising campaign which is the largest event in the university’s history. UBC President Santa J. Ono said that the three-year, $100 […]

UBC’s Jessica Hanson’s home-court advantage deeper than most

The Province featured UBC Thunderbirds basketball player Jessica Hanson. The article also highlighted Jerret Smith, a TBirds hockey player and Luka Zaharijevic, a TBirds basketball player. The story also appeared […]

Never get caught in rain with umbrella rental scheme

Lonely Planet mentioned UmbraCity, an umbrella-sharing project at UBC. The venture, founded by UBC students, is expanding into Vancouver.