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Jaymie Matthews’s Cosmic Monday

Jaymie Matthews was on CBC’s Early Edition for a Cosmic Monday series. He talked about Jupiter and what we know about the planet. The segment starts at 1:19:40.

Economics expert discusses interest rates set to rise

CTV Vancouver interviewed Giovanni Gallipoli, a UBC economics professor, about rising interest rates.  He discussed how the rate increase could affect home mortgages.

Nursing home deal spurs questions about Chinese money

The New York Times interviewed Michael Byers, a Canada Research Chair at UBC, about a Canadian retirement home chain that agreed to be bought by a politically connected Chinese company. […]

Is North America’s opioid epidemic a crisis of masculinity?

Dan Bilsker, a clinical professor in UBC’s psychiatry department, was quoted in The Guardian about the opioid crisis. He discussed the relationship between the illicit drug crisis and masculinity.

It puts kids to sleep but teachers keep lecturing anyway

The Washington Post cited work by Carl Wieman, a Nobel prizewinning physicist and former UBC professor. Wieman wrote an influential article called “Why Not Try a Scientific Approach to Science […]

To save the planet cut holidays, sell the car have fewer kids

The Telegraph reported on research from UBC and the University of Lund that examines human behaviours and decisions that are most impactful in combatting climate change. Seth Wynes, study lead […]

Teaching kids emotional intelligence could help mental health

Metro U.K. reported on emotional intelligence research from UBC, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Loyola University. Eva Oberle, a professor at UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership, said emotional intelligence […]

Wildfires scorch Western Canada

Two UBC experts were interviewed about the B.C. wildfires. Xinhua quoted Lori Daniels, a UBC professor of forest ecology, who said it’s “disconcerting” that the whole province is once again […]

Illegal cannabis dispensaries seen as safe, reliable: UBC study

The Globe and Mail featured a UBC study that examines marijuana access from dispensaries in Canada. Rielle Capler, a UBC interdisciplinary studies PhD candidate, said “we’re hoping that this research […]

A list of fancy European cheeses Canadians may see this fall

Kurt Huebner, the interim director for the Institute of European Studies at UBC, spoke to Metro News about the impact of the new Canada-EU trade deal. He discussed how the deal […]

UBC study provides roadmap for attracting cyclists

Metro News reported on cycling research from UBC and the University of Colorado. Kay Teschke and Michael Brauer, professors at UBC’s school of population and public health, studied what it […]

World’s largest hoard of carbon dates goes global

Nature interviewed Andrew Martindale, an UBC anthropological archaeologist, about radiocarbon dating. He said a centralized database would make it easier to find previously published radiocarbon data.

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Dermatologist discusses sunscreen

Sunil Kalia, a UBC dermatologist, was interviewed on CFAX about sunscreen. He discussed the importance of using sunscreen.