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Outrage, solidarity are new but Islamophobia isn’t: Muslim scholar

CBC interviewed UBC graduate student Rabia Mir after she penned an open letter in The Tyee about Islamophobia in Canada today. She wrote that while she’s heartened by expressions of support, she wonders […]

Eden Robinson is laughing all the way to the dark side

The Globe and Mail featured UBC alumna and award-winning author Eden Robinson. Robinson, whose new book is called Son of a Trickster, graduated with an MFA from UBC.

Canada’s Best Employers 2017

Forbes named UBC to its list of Canada’s Best Employers for 2017. UBC was ranked 53rd overall on the list, which was topped by Queens University. The rankings are a result of replies […]

Why this choir is a huge hit with China’s stressed out millennials

Yue Qian, a UBC sociology professor, spoke to CNN about the pressure for Chinese millennials to meet their parent’s expectations when it comes to starting a family. She said although young […]

Where you live affects your personality, study says

CNN quoted Mark Schaller, a UBC psychology professor, for a story about how our personalities are affected by where we live. In his studies, Schaller found that extraversion is less common in countries that have […]

Secrets of life in a spoonful of blood

Scientific American published a Nature article about new scientific techniques that are providing clues about how a baby develops in the womb. Wendy Robinson, a UBC developmental biologist, said one […]

Trump’s low road on immigration will hurt Mass. higher ed

The Boston Globe mentioned a working group created at UBC in response to Trump’s proposed travel ban in a story about the impact of the ban on American universities. UBC set aside […]

New research helps preserve benefits people get from nature reported on a study that examines how to tell if natural services that people rely on are at risk of being lost. Matthew Mitchell, a study co-author and researcher […]

Vancouver’s foreign buyer tax and work-permit loophole

Tom Davidoff, director of the UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate, spoke to the South China Morning Post about exemptions from the Vancouver foreign buyer tax to home […]

Doctors use digital photography in rural healthcare

UPI featured research by Kathy Rush, a professor at the UBC Okanagan School of Nursing, that used digital photography to track patients’ healthcare in rural communities. According to Rush, when participants sent daily […]

Bicycling education in the United States needs an update

Streets Blog USA featured an interview with Kay Teschke, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, that examines cycling safety. Teschke said that her research shows some of […]

How self-compassion can help you thrive during stressful times

A study by Katie Gunnell, a former UBC researcher, was featured in InStyle. The study, part of Gunnell’s doctoral research at UBC, found that self-compassion among students can promote healthy […]

Intensively fed calves need transition help

Dairy Herd Management mentioned UBC research for an article on best practices for transitioning calves off a liquid diet. The UBC study found that gradually weaning calves over 21 days resulted in animals […]

Developer unveils plans for wood office building in Chicago

Construction Dive reported on the world’s tallest contemporary mass timber tower at UBC. The new Brock Commons student residence will be the tallest contemporary mass timber building in the world […]

Cancer’s invisibility cloak

Wilfred Jefferies, a professor of medical genetics and immunology at the Michael Smith Laboratories, was interviewed by BYU Radio about his research on how cancer cells evade the body’s defences and […]

Why African universities fail to meet post-colonial dynamics

Ali Abdi, the head of UBC’s department of educational studies, was quoted in the Herald Zimbabwe for a story about the effects of colonization on African education. Abdi wrote that imposing European theories of […]

Trump’s anti-immigrant stance may fuel racism in Canada: experts

The Canadian Press interviewed Rima Wilkes, a UBC professor of sociology, for a story on the impact of Trump’s anti-immigrant policies. She said it’s crucial to recognize that Canada is […]

Some sex workers choose industry due to benefits: study

The Canadian Press cited a UBC study for a story about sex workers who choose the industry because it can be more lucrative than low-paying service industry jobs. The 2016 […]

The economics of love

Ross Hickey, a professor of economics at UBC’s Okanagan campus, spoke with Global about Valentine’s Day. He said the pressure to give a gift presents an opportunity to evaluate a relationship […]