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UBC Reports | April 15

UBC Reports | April 15

Faculty and students tell UBC board how to improve

UBC students, faculty, staff and alumni urged the school’s board of governors Thursday to review its operations, improve transparency and accountability and take part in more meaningful consultation, reports the […]

Global real estate investment debated at UBC forum

Four panelists discussed what’s driving the cost of real estate at a panel organized by UBC’s Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate and the Centre for Chinese Research, reports […]

Experts grade premier’s forestry teaching moment

Experts commented on Premier Christy Clark’s recent conversation with kids, who told her they want to cut down fewer trees. Instead of a simple answer, UBC education professor Robert VanWynsberghe […]

New research program to train diamond hunters

A new diamond exploration training school will start this fall at University of Alberta to train diamond hunters, reports Edmonton Journal. The graduate program will be conducted with UBC.

Why we should care that many teens experience sexual difficulties

UBC gynecology professor Lori Brotto is calling for more support for teens experiencing sexual difficulties. “Sexual problems are highly correlated with negative mood, anxiety, markers of physical health and overall […]

Wiebe: Assisted dying bill would help most patients

UBC clinical professor Dr. Ellen Wiebe, who assisted a woman with ALS to end her life, has commented on the Supreme Court decision last year and Thursday’s Bill C-14 which […]

Vancouver cannon continues its nightly fire

A Los Angeles Times feature highlights a 19th century cannon located in Stanley Park and the tradition of firing it nightly at 9 o’clock. The cannon has been stolen, vandalized, […]

Does speaking Cantonese make you a better singer?

Speaking Cantonese could give people an advantage in karaoke sessions, UBC linguistics professor Murray Schellenberg told the South China Morning Post. Cantonese is a tone language, and considered particularly difficult […]

Your high-end perfume is likely part whale mucus

A Smithsonian article on the discovery of a large lump of ambergris at an English beach mentions UBC research. In 2012, UBC researchers discovered a gene in balsam fir trees […]

The Wood Wide Web

A new Swiss study has documented the existence of a large underground fungal network moving large amounts of carbon from trees across to nearby unconnected trees, reports The Atlantic. A […]

Man with quadriplegia regains ability to pinch and grasp

Thanks to an implanted chip, a man paralyzed in a diving accident has regained limited movement of his fingers, hand and wrist, reports CBC News. The technology was developed in […]

B.C. Métis celebrate Supreme Court ruling regarding Indian status

The Supreme Court ruling that Métis are “Indians” under Canada’s 1867 Constitution could pave the way for an alliance between the Métis and provincial governments, Gordon Christie, director of UBC’s […]

The way towards kids’ brain health: Where is B.C.?

The way towards kids’ brain health: Where is B.C.?

The way towards kids’ brain health: Where is B.C.? Academics praised Ontario’s planned injection of $333M for services for families and children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and questioned lack […]

Why Quebec’s Cree are thriving while misery reigns across James Bay

The epidemic of youth suicide attempts in Attawapiskat was the focus of a new National Post article. The article notes that the plight of Attawapiskat contrasts with that of the […]

One Day @ UBC Centennial Lecture: Social Media: From the Personal to the Professional