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UBC experts available for comment on approval of Metro Vancouver transit plan phase one

UBC professors are available to comment on Metro Vancouver mayors’ approval today of the first phase of a $2-billion, 10-year transit plan.

Shouldn’t lectures be obsolete by now?

BBC mentioned UBC in an article on the limited effectiveness of traditional in-class lectures. UBC, Stanford, and MIT all introduced “active learning” into their physics courses following a campaign spearheaded by Carl […]

City of Vancouver interested in rat surveillance program

CBC reported on a rat surveillance program that will be conducted by two UBC students. The project has city staff considering implementing the system. “New York has a bit of a rat surveillance […]

Atwood and Martel among Canadian writers drawn into row

The Guardian reported on the controversy following an open letter from more than 80 Canadian authors defending former UBC creative writing professor Steven Galloway. Related stories include a Globe and Mail op-ed by […]

Why a one-degree change can make or break Earth’s climate

Forbes published an interview with Jesse Brewer, a UBC professor emeritus of physics and astronomy, about the reasons small changes in the earth’s temperature will have drastic implications. “There are […]

Discussing the global fish count

Dirk Zeller, a senior researcher with the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and a contributor to the Global Atlas of Marine Fisheries, spoke to CBC’s Radio On the Coast (segment begins […]

Black Friday ads stirring up chaos

Global highlighted UBC Sauder School of Business research that explains why violence often occurs during Black Friday retail sales. “What our research shows is that it starts early,” said study co-author […]

Treatments for one type of dementia may also work in others

Huffington Post featured work by Mari DeMarco, a UBC researcher focussing on neurodegenerative diseases. DeMarco is developing a way to detect biomarkers that can identify and follow the progression of […]

Reconciliation marks installation of Santa Ono as UBC president

The Vancouver Sun reported on the official induction ceremony for UBC President Santa Ono which featured messages of reconciliation and healing. “In a large, decentralized organization such as a modern research […]

Federal policy paper on housing gives short shrift to young people

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Paul Kershaw, a UBC professor at the school of population and public health, about the recently released federal plan for a National Housing Strategy and its […]

Major B.C. earthquake could cost Canadian economy $127.5 billion

Metro News quoted David Edgington, a UBC geography professor, for an article about the potentially huge economic cost of a major earthquake in B.C. Edgington has studied the rebuilding process after major […]

Researchers capture key ocean predator

The Globe and Mail highlighted UBC research that found the broad class of single-celled microbes known as diplonemids are unexpectedly abundant in the world’s oceans. “They’re not the kind of […]

Vancouver’s TRIUMF particle accelerator offers free public tours

The Georgia Straight featured UBC’s TRIUMF facility which is one of three subatomic research facilities in the world that specializes in producing extremely intense beams of particles. The centre offers […]

Super Hornet jets for Canada?

The Tyee featured a 2011 op-ed written by Michael Byers, the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC, arguing against the Harper government’s determination to spend […]

Inside the search for life on ‘nearby’ Proxima b

The Tyee interviewed Jaymie Matthews, a UBC physics and astronomy professor, for an article on a Canadian space telescope that is helping to unlock the mysteries of a planet that may be […]

Trump unveils policy plans for first 100 days

Keith Head, a professor at UBC Sauder School of Business, was interviewed on Global Morning after President-elect Donald Trump unveiled his policy plans for his first 100 days in office. […]

T-Birds’ budding investment banker sees hoop stock rise

The Province featured fifth-year Thunderbirds basketball player Kara Spotton who transferred to UBC from NCAA Division 1 Colorado State and has been instrumental in her new team’s success. Spotton, an Ontario native, […]

Research to help sea life

Castanet featured engineering research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that may better protect aquatic life from suffocating algae blooms. “If left unchecked, phosphorus can cause significant environmental damage and millions of […]

Bright Idea: Furniture grown from mushrooms

Maclean’s interviewed Joe Dahmen, a professor at UBC’s school of architecture and landscape architecture, for a story on furniture made of mushrooms. Dahmen noted the benefits of the mushroom material, […]