Triple C workshops

Triple C is a series of quarterly workshops where communicators from both UBC campuses come together to learn from one another, strengthen communication skills and build relationships.

Triple C started simply as coffee, cookies and conversation and is now officially about building capacity, community and consistency. We try to keep it informal, and tailored to what UBC communicators tell us they want to see, hear and discuss. Some sessions lend themselves to small, intimate discussions between specific groups of communicators, others to a broader audience.

Either way, we hope you’ll walk away with tips, tricks and answers to your questions. We want you to meet some of your fellow communicators, and feel supported in your communications work.

Next session

AI Visuals for Communicators, Nov. 23, 1 – 2:30 p.m.

Artificial intelligence is creating new ways for communicators to produce graphics and visuals, as well as raising questions about that production process. In this Zoom session, two veteran UBC designers will share their experiences experimenting with AI tools such as Adobe Firefly, their success and challenges and what they’ve learned along the way. They’ll show practical examples of how they use AI tools in their production processes, and discuss the potential for the future.


  • Mark Pilon, Graphic Designer — Web and Motion, UBC Brand and Marketing
  • Margo Yacheshyn, Communications Designer, University Relations, UBC Okanagan  

Intended takeaways:

  • A basic understanding of how AI tools in Photoshop and Canva are changing the visual production process
  • Practical examples of how designers are using AI tools in their visual work
  • Challenges and opportunities around using AI for visuals
  • Tips for using AI to scale and touch up images 

Please RSVP for this session by Wednesday, Nov. 15 by emailing

Examples of past workshops:

  • Issues Management 101
  • Indigenous Communications Best Practices
  • ChatGPT for Communicators
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder, Using Google Analytics
  • Speed Dating for UBC Communicators

To make sure you hear about upcoming workshops, email us at with a request to be put on our mailing list. You can also drop us a line anytime to let us know about workshops you’d be interested in attending—or even leading!