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Easing restrictions on the abortion pill could help improve access to care

New research led by Sarah Munro, a professor in UBC’s department of obstetrics and gynaecology, showed removing restrictions on abortion pill greatly improved access to abortion, especially in rural communities across the country. Wendy Norman, the study’s senior author and associate professor in the UBC department of family practice, was quoted.

Unlike opioids, chronic cannabis use doesn’t lead to heightened pain sensitivity

A UBCO study led by Michelle St. Pierre, a PhD student in the department of psychology, showed long-term cannabis use does not increase sensitivity to pain the way long-term opioid use does.

There’s a reason you work better in coffee shops

Reader’s Digest mentioned a UBC study that found moderate background noise can promote creative thinking and quoted Ravi Mehta, who conducted the research as a UBC Sauder PhD candidate.
Reader’s Digest

Study reveals THC stays in the blood for extended periods after use

High Times highlighted a study from UBC pharmaceutical sciences and medicine researchers that looked at residual blood THC levels in frequent cannabis users.
High Times

How B.C. researchers forced to leave the jungle are still studying orangutans, and what they're seeing so far

CTV interviewed Jacqueline Sunderland-Groves, a researcher with the UBC faculty of forestry’s Wildlife Coexistence Lab, about her research on orangutans.

B.C. rural residents say travelling for health care can cost thousands

Jude Kornelsen, co-director of the Centre for Rural Health Research at UBC, was interviewed about a recent survey that looked at how much money rural residents are spending on travel costs for medical care outside their communities.
National Observer

Concussion education now required for supervisors of school sports in B.C.

The BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit at BC Children’s Hospital developed a Concussion Awareness Training Tool. Associate director Shelina Babul, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of pediatrics, was quoted.
Indo-Canadian Voice

'Misunderstood, confusing and long': This UBC researcher wants to demystify perimenopause

Jerilynn C. Prior, a professor in UBC’s division of endocrinology and metabolism, discussed some common symptoms and misconceptions of perimenopause.

Those smoky skies over Vancouver are a glimpse of the future. Here’s what experts say we can expect

Michael Brauer, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, commented on the impact of wildfire smoke in Vancouver and said we need to enhance public communication about air quality during the summer fire season.
The StarSt. Catharines Standard

Wildfire smoke smothering B.C. stark indicator of climate change, researchers say

Chris Rodell, a weather forecast researcher in UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, says the smoke should dissipate Tuesday through Thursday in B.C. and the smoke will likely move into Alberta.
National Observer

How to deal with a skin allergy outbreak stat

Monica Li, a clinical instructor at UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science, shared some tips for people dealing with skin allergies or sensitivity.

The pandemic is transforming how Americans use public libraries, parks, and streets — and it's depriving vulnerable people of space when they need it most

Jordi Honey-Rosés, a professor at UBC’s school of community and regional planning, and Lorien Nesbitt, a professor in UBC’s faculty of forestry, gave comments about public space and COVID-19, and how public spaces are currently being maintained and policed.
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New research shows disproportionate rate of coronavirus deaths in polluted areas

Michael Brauer, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, was quoted about the link between air pollution and respiratory infections.
Mother Jones

Tiny antibody completely neutralizes novel coronavirus: Study

Researchers have found a tiny antibody that is highly effective in preventing and treating SARS-CoV-2 infection in mice and hamsters. UBC medicine professor Sriram Subramaniam is one of the study co-authors.
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COVID-19 controls tightened as cases rise and possible second wave looms

James Brander, a professor of economics at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, says politicians and health officials should carefully weigh the impact of imposing more restrictions or shutdowns on the economy in the event of a second wave.
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Canada could avoid full lockdown in fall by targeting outbreaks and not taking 'our foot off the pedal': Tam

UBC psychiatry professor Steven Taylor commented on targeted pandemic restrictions and the impact on the mental health of Canadians.
CBC CurrentCBC

New documentary based on The New Corporation

Media featured new documentary based on UBC law professor Joel Bakan’s new book, The New Corporation, which talks about economic collapses and global decay as corporations continue to pursue their domination of both the physical and virtual world.
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Why Canada’s geothermal industry is finally gaining ground

UBC geology alumna Katie Huang commented on changing careers from the oil and gas industry to geothermal.