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Readers speak out in the Canada Letter

The New York Times quoted Erica Frank, a UBC professor of public health, in an article about opinions on public health care in Canada. “The [Canadian] health system attempts, with […]

A Vancouver parable: False prophets, green illusions and vanishing neighbourhoods

Scot Hein, an adjunct professor in the Master of Urban Design program at UBC, wrote an op-ed for The Tyee about the impacts of city development rules. “Can we change […]

Endangered orcas compete with seals, sea lions for salmon

Andrew Trites, a professor and director of the marine mammal research unit at UBC, spoke to the Associated Press about a study that examined competition among marine mammals for the […]

B.C. Utilities Commission admits mistakes in Site C report, says conclusions still valid

CBC quoted Karen Bakker, a UBC professor and Canada Research Chair in political ecology, in a story about a preliminary report by the B.C. Utilities Commission on the Site C […]

80 per cent of fish to be wiped out as ocean temperatures surge

Newsweek featured UBC research into the implications of rising ocean temperatures. “Additional warming will push ocean temperature beyond conditions that organisms have not experienced sine geological time periods in this […]

Why Americans work less but still feel there’s no free time

Business Insider quoted Elizabeth Dunn, a UBC psychology professor, in an article about how our view of free time has changed over time. “Multi-tasking is what makes us feel pressed […]

Gender balance shifting in B.C. forestry

CBC interviewed Sally Aitken, associate dean of forestry at UBC, about the shift towards more women in the forestry industry. “We’ve got women who have worked their way up through […]

Making sense of data

The Hindu mentioned UBC in an article about the discipline of data science. The article reported UBC and SFU are two of the few universities in Canada to offer data […]

Bike share extending into East Van sign of growing demand

Global interviewed Kay Teschke, a professor in UBC’s school of population and public health, about the Mobi bike share program expansion. She expects more riders drawn to the system as […]

Website publishes real estate pre-sale flipping information

Metro News quoted Tom Davidoff, a UBC professor of economics who studies real estate markets, in a story about presale condo assignment sales. Davidoff said more real estate data should […]

Why scientists grow tiny starter brains and implant them in rats

CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks featured research by Haakon Nygaard, the Fipke Professor in Alzheimer’s Research in UBC’s faculty of medicine. Nygaard uses balls of tissue called organoids as a […]

What are the best ways to shrink your carbon footprint?

CBC highlighted a UBC study on the carbon footprint associated with individual behaviours. Lead study author Seth Wynes said the findings, including things such as living car-free and avoiding air […]

Program to help snuff out woodsmoke pollution falls short of target

The Vancouver Sun cited work by Michael Brauer, a professor in UBC’s school of population and public health, in a story about woodsmoke pollution. Brauer has done studies in Metro […]

Douglas Todd: High migration can suppress wages, some jobs

A Vancouver Sun column discussed the potential effects of migration on jobs and income. It also mentioned UBC economists Craig Riddell and David Green, who are among those that “caution […]

What are tax implications with new Airbnb rules?

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Kin Lo, an accounting professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, about tax implications for Airbnb regulations in Vancouver. Lo said it’s unlikely that hosting […]

How hackers hog computer CPUs to make money

The Canadian Press interviewed Konstantin Beznosov, a professor at UBC’s electrical and computer engineering department, in a story about cryptojacking. Beznosov explained how cryptojacking “hogs” a computer’s central processing unit. […]

Provinces to keep control of online cannabis sales

The Globe and Mail quoted Rielle Capler, a UBC PhD candidate who has been studying how Canadians access legal and illicit cannabis. Capler said provincial governments may be damaged politically […]