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Why working in a cafe is good for creativity

Huffington Post featured a UBC study in an article on stimulating your brain. The UBC experiment examined the effects of noise on creativity and found that a moderate amount of […]

Cruise ship makes historic voyage in melting Arctic

UBC political scientist and Arctic expert Michael Byers was quoted in an Associated Press article on Crystal Serenity’s Arctic voyage through the Northwest Passage. This sea route connects the Pacific […]

Trans youth get pregnant at the same rate as cisgender peers

Vice covered a new UBC study of pregnancy among trans youth, which found that pregnancy rates in this group match that of the general population. The finding highlights the need for […]

Feeling homesick? Try pet therapy

UBC researchers have found that pet therapy can be effective in combating homesickness and dropout rates among first-year university students, according to the Economic Times. The study, led by UBC […]

Asexuality is a sexual orientation, not dysfunction

Psychology Today and Teen Vogue featured new analysis by UBC’s Lori Brotto and Morag Yule, which concluded that asexuality is a unique sexual orientation, not a mental disorder or sexual dysfunction. They […]

Panel calls for major overhaul of UBC’s sexual assault policy

A panel appointed by former UBC interim president Martha Piper is calling for a major overhaul of UBC’s sexual assault policy, the Canadian Press reported over the weekend. UBC will […]

Vancouver facing ‘unprecedented’ rental crisis

CTV highlighted rising rents in Vancouver ahead of the publication next month of the latest rental data from Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Tom Davidoff, an associate professor at UBC’s […]

Why Ottawa’s famed Rideau Canal has turned bright green

Experts blame a long hot summer for the algae bloom that is turning Ottawa’s famed Rideau Canal bright green, Global News reported. It’s not unusual for bodies of water to […]

UBC to train students for active shooter situations

UBC is launching a new emergency preparedness campaign for active shooter situations this October, according to CBC. The campaign involves workshops and online training, including a video that describes what […]

UBC’s medical school on the application process

CBC Daybreak Kamloops interviewed Dr. Roger Wong, the executive associate dean of education with UBC’s medical school, as part of a series on Kamloops’ doctor shortage. Wong emphasized that competition […]

Most humpback whales off endangered list

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has removed most humpback whales from the federal endangered species list, including whales found on the B.C. coast, reports CBC. “They are at […]

Referendum textbook B.C. populism, says prof

An upcoming referendum asking voters to approve building a new city hall and civic centre in West Kelowna is an example of B.C.’s populist tradition, says UBC Okanagan professor Carey […]

Should taxpayers subsidize private school funding?

UBC professor of public health Farah Schroff weighed in on whether B.C. taxpayers should subsidize private school funding on CBC Radio’s Early Edition. Schroff, vice president of the B.C. Confederation […]

A sense of belonging: Surrey Central ranked lowest

UBC sociologist Richard Carpiano was interviewed in a Vancouver Sun story on community spirit in Metro Vancouver. The article discussed the results of the My Health My Community survey which […]

UBC’s new president says he’s up to the challenge

UBC president Santa Ono discussed a wide range of topics in an interview with the Vancouver Sun. “This is not my first presidency of a large, public research university, so […]

UBC prof warns ‘end doesn’t justify the means’

UBC law professor Benjamin Perrin warns that sting operations like those conducted by the vigilante group Creep Catchers pose problems of their own. Perrin told the Vancouver Sun that such […]

What is the future of B.C.’s iconic fish?

Wild B.C. salmon could soon become a luxury, according to a Vancouver Sun article on the 80 per cent decline of wild catches since 1990. The story mentioned a new […]

Fall arts preview

The Vancouver Sun featured The Last Waves: Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson among its top fall arts events. The exhibition explores “the states between sleeping and waking” and runs through […]