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UBC Doggo Meetup

Video from the first UBC DOGGO meet up in the UBC Arts & Culture District. Meet some of UBC’s furriest faces!

T-Bird Tell All: The 1969-70 Thunderettes

T-Bird Tell All: The 1969-70 Thunderettes

The 1969-70 UBC Basketball Thunderettes opened an era of dominance for women’s basketball at UBC. They were inducted Wednesday into the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

Dangerous minds: Societal fears revealed by off-script books

Dangerous minds: Societal fears revealed by off-script books

Dangerous minds: Societal fears revealed by off-script books The Globe and Mail published an op-ed by Carrie Jenkins, the Canada Research Char in philosophy and UBC professor, about attempts to […]

Babies show racial bias at nine months: U of T study

Andrew Baron, a UBC psychology professor, commented on a study that seemed to find racial bias among babies based on how long they look at certain faces while listening to […]

Sharp differences in career paths of PhD grads across fields: Study

The Globe and Mail reported on a UBC study that found about one third of its doctoral graduates end up working as professors, though there are stark differences in the career outcomes […]

Boo hoo: Canadian babies cry more – but why?

The Globe and Mail quoted Ronald Barr, a UBC professor emeritus of paediatrics, in a story about a recent British study that found babies in Canada cry more and have […]

Lazy lifestyles linked to common cooking oils

Global featured UBC research that suggests eating a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, or PUFAs, can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Sanjoy Ghosh, a biology professor at UBC’s Okanagan […]

UBC board to vote on new sexual misconduct policy in wake of scandals

The Canadian Press reported on UBC’s upcoming board vote on a new sexual misconduct policy. If the policy passes, UBC will become the latest major research university in B.C. to […]

Spring Pop Up Market


Fact check: BC Greens housing plan

Thomas Davidoff and Tsur Somerville, professors at the UBC Sauder School of Business, weighed in on the B.C. Green Party’s housing plan for a Vancouver Sun article. Somerville said the […]