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Green spaces often neglect this key demographic: UBC study

New research by forestry researchers Drs. Sara Barron and Emily J. Rugel found that the designs of green spaces do not account for the mental health and social needs of youth.
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A Mongolian boy has been declared an important leader for Tibetan Buddhists

Dr. Julian Dierkes (school of public policy and global affairs) discussed the political implications of the recognition of a Mongolian boy as the reincarnation of a prominent spiritual leader by the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhists.

Lolita the orca’s return to home waters greeted with hope — and caution

Graduate student Josh McInnes and professor Dr. Andrew Trites (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; Marine Mammal Research Unit) discussed the plan to return Lolita the captive orca back to Puget Sound.
McInnes: Daily Mail
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Grocery chains boost profits by charging different prices for the same stuff

Dr. David Hardisty (Sauder School of Business) commented on a report from the Agri-food Analytics Lab which found that Canadians are hoping for a grocery code of conduct.

Families ask why B.C. surgeon still allowed to see patients after string of negligence claims

Adjunct professor Susanne Raab (Peter A. Allard School of Law) weighed in on a case involving a B.C. surgeon who is a subject of several court findings for causing harm to patients.

Former premier John Horgan's new job working for a B.C. coal company draws mixed reviews

Director of Bradshaw Research Institute for Minerals and Mining Dr. John Steen commented on the environmental record of the mining industry.

Former B.C. premier John Horgan to join board of Teck's spinoff coal business

Geography professor Naomi Klein was quoted in the media about former B.C. premier John Horgan’s new position in the coal industry.
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Why more Canadian women are giving birth at home—without maternity care

Family practice professor Dr. Jude Kornelsen commented on why Canadians are turning towards unassisted home births.

How ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ video game reinforces antisemitic scapegoating with goblins

Philosophy postdoctoral fellow Dr. Celia Edell argues that the portrayal of goblins in the new Harry Potter video game are based on centuries of antisemitic images and tropes.
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Airplanes face a growing risk of being hit by uncontrolled re-entries of rockets used to launch satellites

Political science professor Dr. Michael Byers and physics and astronomy professor Dr. Aaron Boley wrote about the danger of airplanes colliding with uncontrolled re-entry of rockets used for launching satellites is on the rise.
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UBCO hosts Giving Day to raise funds for student causes

UBCO is celebrating Giving Day today.