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The world’s happiest countries for 2023

Economics professor emeritus Dr. John Helliwell discussed the findings of the 2023 World Happiness Report.
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This stubborn shrub is helping to keep Arctic river banks intact as permafrost thaws

UBCO Earth, environmental and geographic sciences professor Dr. Alessandro Ielpi led a study which found that found that climate change is causing major impacts on large rivers in Arctic Canada.

Bigotry festers when educators refuse to address race and racism

Toronto Star mentioned a study conducted by the Angus Reid Institute and UBC which found that 85 per cent of Canadians say that having “people from different races and ethnicities in all regions betters the nation.”
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Recyclable? Try refillable. The quest for a greener cleaner

Dr. Katherine White (Sauder School of Business) weighed in on how consumers can adopt pro-environmental behaviours, such as choosing to refill products.
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Skunks are dying of avian flu. What does that mean for you and your pets?

Forestry professor Dr. Peter Arcese gave comments on the current avian flu outbreak. He said surveillance programs and monitoring to understand the prevalence and number of varieties or strains out should be the initial first step to manage the outbreak.

Wild horse slaughter in B.C. saddens, divides local community

UBCO researcher Mateen Hessami said the resources that would go toward protecting free-roaming horses are better spent supporting less resilient animals such as moose, elk and deer.
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B.C. Mounties announce results of organized crime drug investigations

Adjunct professor Mark Haden (school of population and public health) said drug enforcement as a tool to combat societal drug problems has been shown to be ineffective compared with health-related measures, such as supervised injection sites and a well-regulated supply of pure drugs.
Toronto Star

Conservative down payment pledge 'can't be delivered': expert

Dr. Thomas Davidoff (Sauder School of Business) gave comments on federal Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre’s criticism of Canadian home prices rising during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s time in office.
City News (Vancouver)

A widow's quest: Is Russian throne heir buried in B.C?

History professor Dr. Alexei Kojevnikov gave comments on a Burnaby woman’s claim that her husband was the son of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia.
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Too many employees cash out their 401(K)s when leaving a job

Dr. Yanwen Wang (Sauder School of Business) co-wrote about why U.S. employees are withdrawing their 401(K)s when experts suggest that it’s a bad idea.
Harvard Business Review

UBC program opens the door for former Afghan judges to study law

The Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC launched the Afghan Women Judges Program, an academic program specifically for women who were judges in Afghanistan.
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