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A law professor at UBC has conducted a study on people's knowledge of common law relationships and the legal and financial implications couples may have

Professor Erez Aloni (Peter A. Allard School of Law) discussed his research on the B.C. Family Act.
CBC Radio West

Positive record for babies delivered by midwives: UBC study

New UBC medicine research found that midwives in B.C. are providing safe primary care for pregnancies of all medical risk levels, contrary to a popular belief that midwives mostly manage low-risk pregnancies.

Reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 would require major increase in mined materials

Mining engineering professor Dr. Scott Dunbar commented on the global demand for mined materials, including copper and nickel.

The parallel universes of Turkiye’s political earthquake

Anthropology professor Dr. Sara Shneiderman (school of public policy and global affairs) commented on how the post-disaster reconstruction will affect Turkiye’s political landscape.
The New European

How to have that tough conversation: I am cutting off my friend's access to my Netflix account

Philosophy lecturer Dr. Willow Verkerk discussed the way friendships might end because of our reliance on sharing Netflix.
CBC On The Coast

It sparks joy. The rise of maximalism, where there's no such thing as too much

Dr. Katherine White (Sauder School of Business) gave comments on factors driving interest in second-hand goods.

Daylight saving time 2023: Here’s when you should set your clocks forward

Nursing professor emeritus Dr. Wendy Hall was quoted about how Daylight Saving Time affects us.
Global via Peggy 99.1MSN

Metro Vancouver takes 2nd spot for worst metro traffic in North America: TomTom

Civil engineering professor Dr. Alex Bigazzi cautioned against using traffic indices as an indicator of transportation system performance.
City News (Vancouver)

Troubled waters: Advocates await federal solutions to container ship spills and lost sea cans

Research associate Dr. Juan José Alava (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) discussed the debris from 2021 MV Zim Kingston spill off the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Capital Daily

Fitness: When life is a pain in the knees, keep moving

Physical therapy professor Dr. Linda Li noted that a mix of strength training and aerobic exercise is ideal for preventing knee aches.
Hanover Post

Progressives, conservatives and climate change

Sociology professor Dr. Emily Huddart Kennedy argued that hate and disdain among progressives and conservatives prevent us from addressing climate change
Policy Options

Thinking beyond Black History Month

UBCO English and cultural studies professor Dr. Anita Girvan co-wrote about the broader significance and impact of Black History Month.
University Affairs