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Bears were mysteriously missing toes. These scientists cracked the case

UBCO wildlife ecology postdoctoral fellow Dr. Clayton Lamb discussed his research on how fur trapping practices are hurting grizzly bears.
Washington Post

Toxic chemicals from toilet paper found in endangered killer whales

Researchers from the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries found that a toilet paper toxin is prevalent in endangered killer whales in B.C.
Metro (UK)

Compound derived from B.C. sea sponge could block COVID-19 virus, researchers find

UBC science and medicine researchers have identified a compound in a B.C. sea sponge that prevents COVID-19 infection in human cells.
ICI Radio-Canada L’heure du Monde

Paradigm shift needed to halt and reverse biodiversity loss

Pique Newsmagazine mentioned research by forestry professor Dr. Suzanne Simard which looked into keeping forests healthy.
Pique Newsmagazine

Google Translate for the zoo? How humans might talk to animals

Geography professor Dr. Karen Bakker discussed new technology that can help scientists explore the natural world of sound in richer detail.
Financial Times (subscription)

Honey bees are not in peril. These bees are.

Michael Smith Labs postdoctoral fellow Dr. Alison McAfee noted that from a conservationist’s point of view, native bees are the ones in more dire need of support.

B.C.’s gig workers brace for bumpy ride in 2023

Professor Supriya Routh (Peter A. Allard School of Law) noted that companies are pushing back on entitlements for gig workers and characterizing them as employees.
Glacier Media via CastanetBusiness in VancouverPrince George CitizenCastanet (Kamloops)