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Firing radioactive stuff at high speed under city streets

Physics and astronomy, and medicine professor Dr. Vesna Sossi explained how TRIUMF’s Rabbit Line which transports radiopharmaceuticals is useful for medical research.
Tom Scott

Consultation vital as Taranaki moves to green energy, researcher says

Stuff mentioned geography PhD candidate Max Cohen’s research on energy transition in the north of Scotland and Shetland Islands, and Taranaki in New Zealand.
Stuff (New Zealand)

Kelp is disappearing from the West Coast. These scientists are trying to save it

UBCO biology adjunct professor Dr. Christopher Neufeld discussed researching ways to save kelp and bull kelp forests in B.C.
CBC via Weather Network

British Columbians to fork out hundreds more dollars for food in 2023

Canada’s Food Price Report co-written by UBC researchers found that the cost of groceries will increase by five per cent to seven per cent in 2023.
Narcity, Glacier Media via Business in VancouverNorth Shore News, Global via Power 97

Teen marijuana poisonings have skyrocketed. How to keep your child safe

Nursing professor Dr. Emily Jenkins suggested ways for parents to talk to children about cannabis.
TIME magazine via Yahoo

The year without germs changed kids

Medicine professor Dr. Brett Finlay (Michael Smith Laboratories) was quoted about how children who spent their formative years during the cleanliness frenzy of the pandemic will have different microbiomes.
The Atlantic (subscription)

Seasonal depression: What is it and how to treat it, according to an expert

Yahoo mentioned a 2015 study led by psychiatry professor Dr. Raymond Lam which found that 60 to 70 per cent of participants that used light therapy saw a significant improvement in their symptoms.
Yahoo (Style)

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Linguistics adjunct professor Nigel Howard said society needs to shift its mindset and practices when it comes to the Deaf community.
CTV (Vancouver Island), Global News Hour at 6, CKNW Weekend Mornings With Stirling Faux

Give the gift of time this holiday season

Toronto Sun mentioned a study co-authored by psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn which found that buying yourself time – by getting chores done for you – boosts happiness.
Toronto Sun

Ocean carriers grapple with mega-profit math complications

Dr. Werner Antweiler (Sauder School of Business) noted that freight rates on various shipping lanes have fallen from last year’s peak.
Business in Vancouver

Science is making it possible to ‘hear’ nature. It does more talking than we knew

Geography professor Dr. Karen Bakker (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) argued that digital bioacoustics is helping scientists eavesdrop on the natural world and learn astonishing things.
The Guardian

Plutonium is plutonium, period, and separating it increases nuclear proliferation risks

Dr. M.V. Ramana (school of public policy and global affairs) co-wrote about how Canada’s support for the nuclear industry’s plan will create a new global security risk and raise legitimate questions about our government’s desire to be a leader in the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
The Hill Times

COP27 failed. So why continue with these UN climate summits?

Sociology professor Dr. David Tindall co-wrote about why continuing with climate conferences can still lead to positive outcomes.
The Conversation via Winnipeg Free Press (subscription)

This student-run glassware start-up is helping Vancouver take another step in sustainability

Undergraduate students Abhiudai Mishra and Prishita Agarwal (Sauder School of Business) started a company which repurposes glass bottles to create candles, platters, lights and drinking glasses.
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