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Work and the epidemic of men’s depression

New study led by psychotherapy professor Dr. John Ogrodniczuk (Men’s Health Research Program) found that nearly half of Canadian men are at risk of depression.
The Tyee

Black women receiving infertility treatments face higher risk of fetal death, study finds

New research led by obstetrics and gynaecology professor Dr. Sarka Lisonkova found that babies born to Black mothers who use fertility treatments have a higher death rate than those born to white mothers.
Yahoo (Malaysia)

Vertebrates may have used vocal communication more than 100 million years earlier than we thought

Zoology professor Dr. Irene Ballagh commented on a new study which found that at least 50 turtle species vocalize and that several other types of cold-blooded vertebrates previously assumed to be silent do so as well.
Scientific American

What women need to know about breast cancer screening in Canada

Radiology clinical professor Dr. Paula Gordon discussed what women need to know about breast cancer screening.
CBC The Dose (digital)

Federal Infrastructure Bank commits $970-million toward Canada’s first small modular nuclear reactor

Dr. M.V. Ramana (school of public policy and global affairs) commented on Ontario Power Generation’s timeline to supply power to Ontario’s grid using its new small modular reactor.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

North Island MP calls on feds to increase funding transfers for health care

Dr. Steve Morgan (school of population and public health) said premiers are misrepresenting history by asserting the federal government once covered half of health-care funding.
National Observer

Mushroom season another casualty of drought in B.C.

Botany professor Dr. Mary Berbee commented on the lack of data on mushroom diversity and ecology in the province.
Glacier Media via Vancouver is AwesomePowell River PeakCastanet

The complex legacy of Lou Marsh and his trophy

Kinesiology professor Dr. Janice Forsyth co-wrote about why the Toronto Star’s decision to rename its Lou Marsh trophy reminds us of the ways sports journalism has amplified damaging and racist tropes.
The Conversation

Using the ocean to fight climate change raises serious environmental justice and technical questions

Dr. Terre Satterfield (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) co-wrote about the need to reconsider using the ocean to fight climate change as this gives rise to serious environmental justice and technical concerns.
The Conversation via Yahoo

Real estate must not be compared to Microsoft or Tesla

Professor emeritus Dr. Michael Y. Seelig (school of community and regional planning) argued that real estate cannot be compared to Microsoft or Tesla.
Vancouver Sun