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For Some Women With ADHD, TikTok Is the First Place They Felt Heard

Dr. Anthony Yeung, clinical instructor in the department of psychiatry, discussed his research which found that approximately half of the ADHD TikToks analyzed were misleading.

Sep 10: Our Summer in the Field special

Jessica Schaub, a PhD student in UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and the department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, discussed her multi-year international tour to study jellyfish.
CBC Quirks and Quarks (9:33 mark)

10 scientific ways to be more attractive to women

Media quoted UBC research which analyzed the facial expressions of over 1,000 participants and found that women were least attracted to smiling, happy men.
The Gentleman’s Journal

Punishment, Puppies, and Science: Bringing Dog Training to Heel

Faculty of land and food systems professor Dr. Alexandra Protopopova commented on the ineffectiveness of aversive dog training.

How a Garbage-Bin War Schools Humans and Birds

Dr. Sarah Benson-Amram, a professor in the departments of forest and conservation sciences and zoology, discussed the “innovation arms race” between humans and sulfur-crested cockatoos to access garbage.
The New York Times (subscription)

Forest fires choke air in Lower Mainland, Alberta

Dr. Lori Daniels, professor in the department of forest and conservation sciences, commented on the fire season continuing well into September, saying it’s part of a trend that experts have observed in recent years.
The Globe and Mail (subscription)

Restoring salmon habitat could help B.C.’s flood problems

Forestry professor Dr. Tara Martin commented on the likely impact on wild salmon of a loss of floodplain rearing habitat.
The Narwhal

It’s time for us as Canadians to have a conversation about ageism

UBC nursing adjunct professor Dan Levitt wrote about ageism and how it affects everyone.
The Province

Should ‘Vacancy Control’ Be a Ballot Issue?

Dr. Patrick Condon, professor in the school of architecture and landscape architecture, discussed ‘vacancy control’, which caps the rent landlords can charge when a unit changes tenants.
The Tyee

New UBC rental housing building for staff features rooftop solar panels

Media reported on the new rental housing building, Evolve, built for faculty and staff at UBC’s Vancouver campus, and its Passive House design.
Daily Hive

Increasing number of UBC students facing housing affordability issues

A new report by UBC’s Alma Mater Society investigated student affordability, which found the cost of housing is a growing concern.
Daily Hive

Project utilizing Coast Salish plants to combat heat waves on the DTES

UBC undergraduate student Alexandra Thomas, Naxnagəm, discussed her project to re-green the Downtown Eastside with Coast Salish plants, funded by the Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Fund.