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New phase of matter opens portal to extra time dimension

Physics and astronomy professor Dr. Andrew Potter (Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute) discussed research he co-authored which found an error-correction technique that could boost the performance of quantum computers.
Scientific American

The slow and steady growth of trilobites

A UBC study led by Dr. Daniel Pauly (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) found that trilobites grow in size at a super-slow rate like modern marine crustaceans.
Discover Magazine

UBC researchers find a lack of gender parity in neuroscience and psychology studies

A UBC study from psychology professor Dr. Liisa Galea found that analyzing sex differences in health research is important.
University Affairs

How will Russia's withdrawal affect the International Space Station?

Political science professor Dr. Michael Byers gave comments on Russia’s decision to pull out of the International Space Station after 2024.

‘Canary in the coal mine’: What Tunisia’s controversial referendum means for the Arab World

Professor of French Dr. Farid Laroussi commented on Tunisia’s constitutional referendum that would give the president more power while largely limiting the role of the parliament.
Toronto Star via Hamilton Spectator

How and where to go on a safe quest to see wildlife in Canada

UBCO wildlife ecology postdoctoral fellow Dr. Clayton Lamb explained how and where to safely watch wildlife in Canada.
Weather Network via Yahoo

Vancouver’s move to mandate mechanical air cooling in all new homes is misguided

UBC HEAL research cluster members Dr. Michael Brauer, Christopher Carlsten, Dr. Melissa McHale, Dr. Lorien Nesbitt and Dr. Adam Rysanek wrote about the need to pair mandates for mechanical cooling like air conditioning with sensible requirements for passive building design, urban forestry and related climate adaptation measures.
Globe and Mail

How climate storytelling helps people navigate complexity and find solutions

Chemical engineering professor Dr. Naoko Ellis, and language and literacy education professor Dr. Derek Gladwin discussed using storytelling as a tool to create accessible frameworks to make decisions and act against climate change.
The Conversation via University Affairs

Disability rights don't have to clash with environmental responsibility

PhD candidate Michelle Hewitt (UBCO community engagement, social change and equity) discussed the regulations on single-use plastics that leave disabled people who rely on plastic straws abandoned by unnecessary eco-ableism.
The Conversation via National Post

UBC-based Melius Mentorship helps newcomer and refugee youth navigate Canada's education system

Science undergraduate student Sohat Sharma discussed receiving UBC’s Connect to Community grant that helped with running the Melius Mentorship Network, which helps newcomers and refugee youths navigate Canada’s post-secondary education system.
BC Business

UBC researcher gets three million dollars for development of credit-card-sized biomedical sensor

Electrical and computer engineering professor Dr. Sudip Shekhar is the first Canadian to receive the Schmidt Science Polymaths Award, which includes receiving three million dollars to develop a highly compact biomedical sensor.
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