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Childhood cancer discovery may stop tumour spread, UBC researchers say

Researchers from UBC and B.C. Cancer have found that aggressive and often fatal childhood cancer known as Ewing sarcoma has the potential to prevent metastatic spread in a number of cancer types. Study authors Dr. Poul Sorensen, a professor at UBC’s department of pathology and laboratory medicine, and Dr Haifeng Zhang, a UBC postdoctoral fellow, were quoted.

Repairing Canada’s aging sewer system with an eco-friendly solution

UBC researchers have developed an eco-friendly spray-on coating that could extend the lifespan of sewage systems by decades. Project lead Dr. Nemy Banthia, a civil engineering professor and Canada Research Chair in infrastructure rehabilitation and sustainability, was interviewed.
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Pope addresses 'sorrows' of residential schools, does not apologize in public prayer

Dr. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond (Aki-kwe), director of UBC’s Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre and professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, commented on Cardinal Thomas Collins’s commitment to provide unmitigated access to residential school records.
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Major G7 tax agreement only first step toward global deal: Freeland

David Duff, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, commented on Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s statement on how the global minimum agreement made by G7 countries was the first significant step toward a global compact.

Critics say B.C. old-growth blockades underscore failure to deliver endangered species law

UBC forestry professor Dr. Tara Martin says B.C. has more species at risk than any other province and needs its own laws to adequately ensure their survival.

'We just have to get louder': Why this royal wants to break taboos around women's health

Dr. Jerilynn Prior, a UBC professor of endocrinology, gave comments about the significance of high-profile women being open about menopause.

Canada moves quickly to update citizenship guide to include respect of Indigenous treaties

Dr. Annalijn Conklin, a professor in UBC’s faculty of pharmaceutical sciences, was quoted about how quickly anti-Indigenous bias can transfer to new immigrants.
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Liberal policies are pricing Canada out of the pharma market

Dr. Steve Morgan, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, commented on the federal government’s proposed drug pricing reforms.
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'A symbol of hate': Vancouver mayor wants to rename Trutch Street

Dr. Bruce Granville Miller, a professor of sociocultural anthropology, was quoted about how the history of Joseph Trutch, B.C.’s very first Lieutenant Governor, is tied to Indigenous people and their land.
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Working from home post-pandemic could offer mixed results for women, researchers say

Dr. Elizabeth Hirsh, a UBC sociology professor and Canada Research Chair in law and inequality, and Dr. Marina Adshade, a professor of teaching at the Vancouver School of Economics, discussed the stigma of remote work and how an increase in remote work could reinforce inequities.
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When should Canadians begin learning about residential schools? Experts say kindergarten

Dr. Shannon Leddy, a professor of teaching in UBC’s department of curriculum and pedagogy, spoke about the importance of educating children about the history of residential schools as early as possible.

Here's why Canadian flights are ridiculously cheap right now

Daily Hive asked Dr. David Gillen, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business and director at the Centre for Transportation Studies, what is causing the price drop in flight costs across Canada.
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Pro hockey player swaps jersey for scrubs, joins younger brother in nursing school

UBCO students Quinn and Adrian Van de Mosselaer talked about the transition from professional hockey to joining the school of nursing as first-year students.
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Bike experts provide safe spaces for women, members of LGBTQ community to learn maintenance

The Early Edition spoke to Andrea Sandeen, a lead mechanic at UBC’s Bike Kitchen, who is running an online workshop called Women + Queer Night, where she shares her expertise.
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Women are taking their sexual health into their own hands

The Globe and Mail mentioned eSense, an online therapy model created by Dr. Lori Brotto, a professor in UBC’s department of obstetrics and gynaecology, for women struggling with sexual concerns.
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The National Research Council of Canada and the University of British Columbia launch new Collaboration Centre for Clean Energy Transition

Researchers from faculty members and students from the UBC’s faculties of applied science and science, and the National Research Council of Canada will work together to develop innovations in hydrogen and carbon technologies across the value chain of clean energy development. Dr. Gail Murphy, vice-president, research and innovation, was quoted.

Keeping schools open during COVID-19 pandemic: B.C. public health physicians and child health specialists

Public health physicians and child health specialists at UBC’s faculty of medicine were among the signatories to an open letter asking to keep schools open during the pandemic.
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Rock on: North Vancouver Olympian Alannah Yip lifts sport climbing’s profile with online clinic in VIMFF event

Postmedia highlighted the Best of Climbing online show, which will feature UBC mechanical engineering graduate Alannah Yip’s climbing clinic targeted towards beginner to intermediate sport climbers.
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